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The Story behind my worlds

Discussion in 'World Building' started by MaccosBridgman, Jun 5, 2013.

  1. MaccosBridgman

    MaccosBridgman Dreamer

    Coventry is an earth like planet in one of the Six Dimensions and is the homeworld of the humanoid Fae and the aquatic-humanoid race the Ludens who inhabited the planet long before the evolution of the Fae into the powerful humanoid race they are today. The planet and the dimension in which it lies was the first created by the Elders who cherished the dimension and laid it with many more gifts than they did with the following five dimensions they created, the most cherished and powerful gifts was the ability of magic and knowing to the first dimension. The Elders came from Titan a beautiful planet that is located outside of the dimensional plains and the home of the Elders. The Elders are ruled by the Six a powerful group of eternal beings which are the gods and guardians of the Six Dimensions.
    When the Fae die they enter the planet of Nibiru which is a paradise for dead were they live with their ancestors until the Gods deem them finally ready for the Eternal Sleep in which the soul is laid to rest and reborn as a new Faery and are aided into the Eternal Sleep by the Angels the highest servants of the Six.
    Nibiru is located outside of the six dimension plains with Titan and share the great sun of Merothis that was created by the Six from nothing. The Six have lived since the beginning of time and are the oldest thing in existence and are unable to be killed. Also the planet of Hades shares Merothis with Titan and Nibiru there are also the planets of rest of the other five dimensions called Eden, Nysa, Pandora, Verseys and Ys, Hades being the place were those not fit for the Eternal Sleep and rebirth and therefore the time of rest in Nibiru and are sent to spend eternity in the care of the God of Death, Punishment and Revenge who does not reside in Titan but in Hades and often clashes with his fellow gods.
    Only the Fae who were given the gift of knowing know about the Six Dimensions true creators and their true fate, the inhabitants of the dimensions are granted the knowledge when the enter their planet of rest in their dimension or never learn when they enter the gates of fire on Hades.
    While the other dimensions have their own religions and believes they are all seen the same in the eyes in the Six as they have not been granted the knowledge of their true surroundings and themselves and let their children in the other dimensions believe in their make believe gods and rules.
    The Six have something similar to the Ten Commandments but they are slightly different.
    So how does this sound for my creation story idea and the real creation and story behind my story :p
  2. Addison

    Addison Auror

    Sounds solid and wonderous, the two keys to fantasy. It's great that you know how the Elders and Six work and live around Coventry, but the only dimension you really went into was the Fae dimension. Is this the key setting and the others (Eden, Nysa, Pandora, Veresys and Ys) just background references on religion? I only ask because if you don't work out the details now they'll bite you in the bud later. I have a bite mark of experience.

    It's a great world!

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