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The Witcher 3 Advice and Tips!


Oh man, I absolutely love this game. Weird about the motion sickness issue, I never even realized it was a thing with this game. I had zero issues with that.

As for the game itself, it is immersive. The side quests are the best I have ever seen in a open sandbox rpg. And some actually have an impact to the overall game. Some of the decisions you make also actually have an impact on what happens in the story. The cities of Novigard and Beauclair feel alive and are actually have a city size to them, they are massive and have a unique feel to different areas of the cities. Unlike most rpg where the massive city is a few shops and houses and a castle.

The story is good but not great, but Hearts of Stone has a great story as well as a great villain. Blood and Wine was an add on that was a big as an entire game. It took me 40 more hours to complete Blood and Wine and I would have been happy if there was more. It is a big game, main game took me 90 hours including most hunt jobs and side quests completed.(And I rarely do side quests in games as the tend to be repetitive often just fetching stuff) Hearts of Stone took me 16 hours but had the best story IMO. Blood and Wine had my favorite region and city.

Stinks you ran into legit technical issues because the game itself does get better, it really picks up with finding the Barons wife and dealing the Ladies of the Wood (love dark folklore). It was grim, and regardless of your choice the ending of that part of the story is dark. Anyways, I can talk about this much more. This is in my top 5 all time. Zero Dawn Horizen was good but isn’t in my top 20. I am a Dark Souls/Bloodborne fan as that series would also be in my top 5. Love those games.