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What are other good Writing Forums?

Discussion in 'Writing Resources' started by yoffi, Oct 26, 2019.

  1. skip.knox

    skip.knox toujours gai, archie Moderator

    Yes, I second Devor on this. The format of social media mitigates against anything like coherent conversation.
  2. Darkfantasy

    Darkfantasy Inkling

    Absolute write but I'm having problems accessing it at the moment - as in I can't so not sure what's going on there
    The Creative Writing Forum
    Critiques Circle
  3. ThisAdamGuy

    ThisAdamGuy Dreamer

    Honestly, I would advise not going to WattPad. Their forums used to be good, but now they're run by mods and admins who like to play thought police. They'll let people certain users harass others so long as their views line up with the their own, and come down on the people being harassed if they retaliate. I used WattPad for nearly seven years, worked hard to build up a following, and had it all deleted on a whim because I made the mistake of disagreeing with an admin.

    Yeah, I'm a little bitter :p
  4. JediKnightMuse

    JediKnightMuse Troubadour

    We've actually been around for almost four years (to the day). XD (Also, the forum has officially closed and we've moved completely onto Discord, but anyone is still welcome to join!)
  5. pmmg

    pmmg Auror

    Just a comment on this... But, when I was younger, I wrote more than a few stories and completed them. Then I found a writers group and joined it, and my completion rate went way down. While I do think the quality went up, I wonder if maybe it was not as helpful as I had first wanted. I think there is some value in getting it done, and I don't get much done anymore. I've become too cognizant of writing it well--it slows me down. I am sure I would write more if I had not joined a writer group...

    The comments about Wattpad seem kind of likely on any website. If you get a lot of passionate people together, eventually drama happens. I think that is true anywhere.
  6. Adela

    Adela Scribe

    The thing I miss is having email pen pals through forums that weren't specifically for writing. I'd meet others, find out they were also dabbling in writing and we'd send each other a piece of our work for critique. Granted I was still a teen and this was in the days of dial-up, but it seemed much more intimate and prone to less bitter dialogues and more honest discussions. I'd like to think it helped make me better and often wonder what happened to some of those folks. These weren't writers groups, just one on one exchanges so it was a lot less nerve wracking.
  7. Tholepin

    Tholepin Dreamer

    Mythic Scribes and Scribophile seem to be the most active and timely writing forums in this genre. Quora is a great resource for writers building persona and figuring out how, for example, a narcissist may handle being bullied in clown college - or whatever hell you, the writer, have dreamt up for your poor sod. Good luck.

    Facebook will scrape anything they can for their research/$$ interests. Use that platform at your peril; my opinion.

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