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What are other good Writing Forums?


toujours gai, archie
Yes, I second Devor on this. The format of social media mitigates against anything like coherent conversation.
Absolute write but I'm having problems accessing it at the moment - as in I can't so not sure what's going on there
The Creative Writing Forum
Critiques Circle
Honestly, I would advise not going to WattPad. Their forums used to be good, but now they're run by mods and admins who like to play thought police. They'll let people certain users harass others so long as their views line up with the their own, and come down on the people being harassed if they retaliate. I used WattPad for nearly seven years, worked hard to build up a following, and had it all deleted on a whim because I made the mistake of disagreeing with an admin.

Yeah, I'm a little bitter :p


There's also the worldsmyths forum. They're smaller and newer than the others but very friendly.
We've actually been around for almost four years (to the day). XD (Also, the forum has officially closed and we've moved completely onto Discord, but anyone is still welcome to join!)


Myth Weaver
Just a comment on this... But, when I was younger, I wrote more than a few stories and completed them. Then I found a writers group and joined it, and my completion rate went way down. While I do think the quality went up, I wonder if maybe it was not as helpful as I had first wanted. I think there is some value in getting it done, and I don't get much done anymore. I've become too cognizant of writing it well--it slows me down. I am sure I would write more if I had not joined a writer group...

The comments about Wattpad seem kind of likely on any website. If you get a lot of passionate people together, eventually drama happens. I think that is true anywhere.


The thing I miss is having email pen pals through forums that weren't specifically for writing. I'd meet others, find out they were also dabbling in writing and we'd send each other a piece of our work for critique. Granted I was still a teen and this was in the days of dial-up, but it seemed much more intimate and prone to less bitter dialogues and more honest discussions. I'd like to think it helped make me better and often wonder what happened to some of those folks. These weren't writers groups, just one on one exchanges so it was a lot less nerve wracking.


Mythic Scribes and Scribophile seem to be the most active and timely writing forums in this genre. Quora is a great resource for writers building persona and figuring out how, for example, a narcissist may handle being bullied in clown college - or whatever hell you, the writer, have dreamt up for your poor sod. Good luck.

Facebook will scrape anything they can for their research/$$ interests. Use that platform at your peril; my opinion.


Thanks for sharing all of these lateral groups to visit. I'm new to this forum and finding it extremely welcoming and helpful so far. I am, however, wondering if any of you know of any forums out there for writers of YA fantasy. Believe it or not I've had a difficult time finding community in that corner of the writing world. Places like wattpad are out there and seem to be alright for self publishing and receiving feedback, and definitely attracts a lot of younger writers and writers of YA fantasy and sci fi. I'm looking for something with a stronger community vibe, like right here are mythic scribe. If you have any suggestions, I'd happily receive them.

For me the best is Science Fiction & Fantasy forums (Science fiction and fantasy chronicles.) They're a damned good crowd and I love the book search forum. Just wish I knew more of them though!

But the real question is what do you want out of a forum? If it's purely about writing, you might also try Creative Writing Forums - Writing Help, Writing Workshops, & Writing Community (creative writers.) But avoid the politics threads.

If you want info on publishing / Amazon etc the cafe at Kindleboards (Writers' Cafe) often has a lot of stuff.

And if you're looking for a cover there's some facebook groups - eg: Book Cover Design Marketplace the book cover design market place.

I haven't really tried Absolute Write. Some say it's good, but I've also heard that it's fairly anti indie - which may just be people talking out of their arses, I don't know.

Hope that helps.

Cheers, Greg.


While I was briefly on Absolute Write I tended to find my post just got buried or simply ignored. While they were happy to welcome me when I first introduced myself, that was all the interaction I ever got from anyone.

Don't know about the anti indie thing. I do recall a lot of talk about Tor publishing when they once, briefly, opened up to those who didn't have agents. Then it was constant posts about what number their manuscript was at and I had no clue what that meant. All triple digits, I think. But, yeah, the mentality did seem to suggest that one couldn't reach real success unless you were published through a trad publisher. Meh.

Needlesstosay, I haven't been back accept to lurk for info (of which I never find what I'm looking for) so, yeah, it's much better in these here parts. ;)


toujours gai, archie
The plants are only blue sometimes. We try to cheer them up. We do have many animals (the livestock get nervous about being catalogued in lots).
I'm starting to realize forums are a great way to cut through the noise of social media. This, so far has been the most engaging forum!
I will check out the reddit writers pages too.
I got banned from SFFChroniclesI think it's because I name dropped "Netflix" but I wasn't trying to promote it I was trying to give authentic advice to watch shows with the Audio Descriptions and subtitles on to improve conversational writing. Oops.

Thanks Ned Marcus I'll try Fantasy Faction!

I got banned from writing forums [.org] the same way. Someone asked about scriptwriting editors and I named a company in response and got banned. What can you do??? :)
I was a part of absolutewrite but I found there could be a lot of drama and you tended to get ignored (as in your questions got buried and people seemed to be quite arrogant and confrontational). I think it's just that there are so many people on there it loses it's sense of community that the smaller ones can create. If you're a beginner (like I was) you want a familiar, safe and non-judgemental environment where people do have the knowledge. But you may like it.

I also use mythicscribes as it focuses on Fantasy but since I don't just write Fantasy I needed a more general forum as well. Mythic is a good place, but I do find it a little too slow for me. There isn't a heap of activity and sometimes your questions can go unanswered for several days. Not good if you want to get on with writing your novel.

Critique circle is another one I quite like.
I love Mythic Scribes, because everyone here is so nice, and the moderators are even-tempered and understanding. Although my stories aren't critiqued and reviewed nearly as often as I would prefer to.
A writer's forum I came from is critique circle, and it is a very large forum that is very supportive and helpful. The only reasons I left is because it is a time zapper (I was attempting to keep up with about a dozen different authors as well as managing my own posts), and because there wasn't as many fantasy authors specifically on that site - it accepts all genres, however, and there were some.