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Where to publish a short story>


I checked whether there is an existing thread on this theme, but couldn't find one.
Moderators, if there is such a thread, please merge this one with it.

I've completed a short story (high fantasy, character-focused), and I'd like to try to get it published -- but not self-publish.
I'm looking for good fantasy magazines that I could try.

By 'good', I mean:
  • The magazine is well-regarded;
  • It has a reasonable response time;
  • It pays reasonably well (e.g. $0.08 per word or more);
  • Its editors are accommodating if the chance arises to republish the story in book form.

All suggestions and advice would be appreciated.

Mad Swede

OK, the best paying English language magazines are those that used to be regarded as qualifying markets for SFWA membership. That includes Asimovs, F&SF, Clarkesworld, Beneath Ceaseless Skies and Strange Horizons. You could also consider BFS Horizons, although they don't pay as well. Be warned that competition is tough, so you'll do well if your story is accepted. Read the submission guidelines and follow them. Most of the magazines want first publication rights, but will let you publish the story elsewhere after 6-12 months (although you have to state where it was first published).