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Where to send that fantasy novel you just finished


Let's stop the derail, Scribes.

Stick to the topic for discussion instead of debating the worthiness of someone's reaction to the topic.


toujours gai, archie
What T. said. And as I have said before, if you have a beef with someone, take it private. There's no need to carry the argument out in the public space.

If anyone thinks someone else is picking on them, being a jerk, or however you care to characterize the offense, great or small, the thing to do is

1. PM them and get clarification. Don't defend yourself, don't hurl accusations. Just say, here is how I interpret what you said, is that what you meant?

2. If they come back and say no that's not it at all, then you can shake hands and return to the party.

3. If they come back and basically continue being a jerk, then you can try to make your case. Still privately.

4. If you work it out, then you can shake hands and return to the party.

5. If there's just no resolution, then you know to stay away from that person at the party.

It's really pretty easy. What is not allowed, as has been made as clear as possible in multiple ways, is to carry out these arguments on a public thread, derailing constructive dialog and wasting everyone's time as they try to cool off the disputants. See? Easy.

Drinks for everyone.