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Writing about criminal groups and such.


I had an idea about life without church or state.…Pretty much cat eat dog, anarchy instead of leeway as substitution law. It paints a pretty picture, but it requires a tall order. Got to avoid fire breathing…

What do you think of cartoon villains? Who is your favourite hero? Small details are sometimes lost, in the description. You choose, the game..

I had a dream once, where life revolved about the conman, and marriage was a thing of the past. There was a girl called ConniE, and a boy called ArKy, and they lived for thousands of years, survived off the flesh of animals and stuff.

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Yes, I do. Or rather, there are crimes and criminals who play a large part in my stories. And those stories are based on real events which I witnessed, or real cases which I helped investigate.

But you can't prove anything...
More in my sci-fi writings then in my fantasy. Gangs show up plenty, in all their various forms, from the neighborhood watch to the outgrowth of that and the ones paid by government and all the others. Bits of mafioso too. Given how into the Cyberpunk genre I like to go, there is as much disorganized crime as organized. Ill fated combos of drugs and desperation or ideologies and all the other things play their part in my primary mega city of Blues Bay.

Various factions vie to control it and there's enough urban warfare and crimes to satisfy a 70's movie about NY there. Or modern tv shows that assume firefights break out every other day.


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I'm currently writing some kind of alt-history fantasy novel in which one of the main characters spends most of his life involved in some form of criminal activity or another. From a young poacher, to sneaking into a closed-off city and becoming a smuggler with his own gang, moving in between the various social strata in a magocratic city-state.

I have some extremely peripheral knowledge of irl crime, having grown up in a suburban third world place. I know some friends in shady businesses all over town, and some of the stories I hear are just stranger than fiction. Besides that, reading Sade also opened my eyes to the depth of character that truly amoral characters can provide. Those who for some reason or another earn their living through scorning society, on whichever side of the law they happen to land on.


I had a thought about it with street gangs in a fantasy world that I called "Fantasy Gangland" but I've moved on from that for since a long time and at present neither Antiquity or The Long 19th Century are settings where I think that kind of stories are the ones I want to tell.