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Your character's development history?

How did you come up with your characters? How far have they changed from the original concept?

One of my side characters, Limes, is a character I've had since 2015. Her creation is a bit of an embarassing story.

On Deviantart, there's a trend of creating fictional races with guidelines for creation, then either making them free for anyone to make (Open Species), or making them exclusive to people who buy the rights to make them (Closed Species). This trend is called Original Species, and I wanted to make my own. So I did what any lazy 12 year old on Deviantart would do: I slapped together two animals, called it original, and demanded payment in return for them.


Yes, I used shape tool back then. I drew it in an app on my phone that was basically just a mobile recreation of MS Paint, and I'm pretty sure I used the default colors in that program. Also as you can see, I only bothered to design the faces (which were all recolors of each other anyways)

The result was Bunny Eared Kitties, which were literally just cabbits, a fairly common fictional hybrid. Limes was my personal BEK, the mascot of the 'species'.

It was a closed species, and I was 100% prepared to attack anyone who made a cat and rabbit hybrid without my permission. By some miracle, I lost interest in having a closed species before it came down to that. So the users of Deviantart were spared from having to deal with tweenager me screeching at them for 'species theft'.

Even after I lost interest in Bunny Eared Kitties, I kept Limes. I just changed her to a regular cabbit rather than my "100% ORIGINAL OS, OR ORIGINAL SPECIES". After a while I made her, along with the rest of my animal characters, anthropomorphic.

Some fun facts:
  • She was my fursona for a very brief time, but I turned her into a regular character after a while.
  • She was actually the planned main character of my story for quite a while, before being replaced by various other characters. First the MC was her, then Voodoo, then Jasper, and now it's Kyan.
  • She used to have an unwanted romantic stalker in the form of my other character, Jasper. That idea was scrapped and now Jasper has a completely different personality.
She's been through many redesigns but I'm happy with her design now!