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  1. C

    Question about Theme

    Hello, I often encounter the advice that, when developing a main theme for a story, one should begin with a core truth and then invert it into a falsehood that the main character (MC) believes until their pivotal "ah-ha" moment. In my novel, a key theme is "You can always find light in the...
  2. M Corbett

    Character vs plot

    I’ve been finding that I get to a point in my novel (currently writing my first) where I know what plot I’m trying to set up but my character is not making it easy. It seems like they wouldn’t do the thing I imagined would set up the next plot point. What have you done at these moments? Change...
  3. Mari More

    Looking for Someone who can Create Illustrations for my Book

    My book is new and has less than chapters as of now. I am looking for someone who can draw still arts of characters and certain locations/places that is necessary in the story. For characters, I have references but I can't put those references together to create the person because I don't have...
  4. S.T. Ockenner

    Vivid Description Of Your Characters

    Here is a thread to put vivid descriptions of your characters whenever you may wish. I will give an example: He was an attractive, middle aged man with umber skin framed by green tipped curls. His mustache was rather absurdly bushy, yet also rather well groomed. His hair reached past his...
  5. J

    Can studying psychology work in creating realistic and likeable characters?

    So, I came across this book called: Writer's Guide to Character Traits by Linda N. Edelstein, Phd. I read the book and found it to be really interesting, as she uses her psychology expertise to help create the how-to guide on creating realistic believable characters that people can relate to...
  6. Onemaus

    Creating a religious system/order

    Hey everyone, thank y'all for taking the time to read this. It means a lot. I've started getting into the church infiltration scene of my W.I.P. and have come across five characters that, at this point in the story, are very unique. They are: three Fathers and Mothers, specifically the Earth...
  7. D

    How to create meaningful backstory?

    It's for my main antagonist so it's important for me at least to understand her complex behaviour and thinking patterns. I let a friend read the history I had for the character that I hoped explained how she came to her views on the world and all the positive and negative experienced throughout...
  8. ChibiMango-Flooferz

    Your character's development history?

    How did you come up with your characters? How far have they changed from the original concept? One of my side characters, Limes, is a character I've had since 2015. Her creation is a bit of an embarassing story. On Deviantart, there's a trend of creating fictional races with guidelines for...
  9. D

    Creating good characters?

    I'm having a lot of trouble with my Fantasy plot at the moment, mostly what events should happen and how they fit together. I'm wondering if it could be due to my lack of depth in my main character. So how do you know you've created a GOOD character. One(s) that are three dimensional with...
  10. D

    Character goal?

    So I have two main characters in my book Character 1's goal: “Survive each day”. They are thrown into a brutal world where this is everyone's goal, not matter what side you're on. But this goal just doesn't feel personal. It feels realistic to their situation but it's hard to build a story...
  11. Writer’s_Magic

    How many clichés are in my character’s background?

    The Name (Dana Dearing) was given by her Dad because it’s sound like a superhero. (Bruce Banner; Peter Parker; Clark Kent) She has no nickname. Dana lives in the futuristic Boston for her whole live. (By the way, she likes the city.) Dana has never took a trip to another country or city. She is...
  12. Tomrin Nimenai

    Tomrin Nimenai

    Finally, the character behind my screen name. This was drawn in the style of illustrator/comicker Noelle Stevenson (aka Gingerhaze on Tumblr), using black Speedball ink, a dip pen that splatters all over, and Prismacolor watercolors.
  13. Character development Horatio Selinius

    Character development Horatio Selinius

    Selnius - Horatio