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How many clichés are in my character’s background?

The Name (Dana Dearing) was given by her Dad because it’s sound like a superhero. (Bruce Banner; Peter Parker; Clark Kent) She has no nickname. Dana lives in the futuristic Boston for her whole live. (By the way, she likes the city.) Dana has never took a trip to another country or city. She is American. Dana can’t complain about her culture. This would be rude. She has a mother and a step-father. (Her real Dad died because he ingested too many pharmaceuticals. He had a too stressed job). And an older brother, who build his career, and younger sister, who is treated by her parents like a princess. Actually, her aunt nurture her since her little sister was born. Dana lives in her aunt’s house more than by her real parents. (An own house or apartment would be too expensive.) She get on well with her aunt’s neighbors. Her aunt isn’t so hard like her parents. Her parents want that Dana become a doctor or an architect therewith can look after herself. Her aunt want that she find her way herself. Dana made a high school diploma. Later in the story, she met Loki and another North mythology character, who warns her and wants to help her and save her ass.

And? How many clichés are in it? Let me know it.
There isn't any one concept or idea you can use that will automatically make your story bad, so i wouldn't worry so much about cliches. Even a "cliche" can be executed well. Focus on the execution.