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Thread: Writing Contest Links

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    Writing Contest Links

    Some stuff worth checking out if you're interested in Contests.

    Fantasy Writing Contests - WriterOnLine

    This one says it's being constantly updated so it's worth a look.

    Fiction Factor - Writing Contests

    Some Writer's Digest competitions:

    Writing Contests, Creative Writing Competitions 2012 |

    The annual Writers of the Future contest for previously unpublished authors:

    L. Ron Hubbard presents Writers of the Future Contest

    Link that discusses warnings of contests and other good tid-bits.


    If you see any other links around the internet, feel free to post, but beware of scams or infected sites! Thanks!
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    Thanks Phil - oh heads up folks- some pages like Fiction Factor don't update their contests (or they may just be dead).

    I'm always looking for fantasy contests, more so for novels than shorts (yes, the irony that even though I don't write short the only thing that's been published was a flash fiction short does get me sometimes ). Please folks- if you know of others, post them!

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