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During my teenage years I discovered the thrill of role-playing.  My friends and I became enamored with White Wolf’s World of Darkness games, along with Middle-Earth Role Playing and Dungeons and Dragons.  These games opened new worlds to us, and  provided us with opportunities to explore the darker side of human nature.

As an aspiring writer, I particularly enjoyed the intricacies of designing and playing a character.  The act of placing myself into a character’s mind, and responding as he would respond, helped me to write more realistic, three-dimensional characters.  I would argue that role-playing is one of the best exercises for any writer who is interested in furthering their craft.

For this reason Mythic Scribes will be hosting a role-playing contest during the month of October.  This competition will take place within our forum RPG, Machiavel: Ambition.  Judges will choose winners in categories such as Most Audacious Success, Subtlest Diplomat, Most Goals Accomplished and Greatest Panache. At the end of the month-long scenario, prizes and recognitions of various sorts will be awarded.

To get started, please register for our forums (if you have not done so already). Then send a private message to Ravana, who will help you to get set up.  You can find more information, including a partial list of categories and prizes, in the Role-Playing Contest thread.  If you have any questions, you can leave them in the comments below.

We hope that you will join us for this month-long adventure.  So go ahead, and sign up now.  Glory awaits!

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10 years ago

Yay!  I’ve always argued role playing was a primer for both writing and acting!  I have a blog post on it myself.  Kudos.

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