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This article is by Adam Bassett. I’ve been writing stories since about the age of ten. It began with unfinished fan-fiction novels and has developed into original stories with (hopefully) intriguing settings and characters. During my time working on these projects there has always been a collaborative drive whenever I spoke with another who enjoyed … Read more

The Iron Pen Anthology is Now Available!

We’re excited to announce the publication of the Iron Pen Anthology: Volume 1. This is a collection of stories written by members of Mythic Scribes.  Each of these stories was written for one of our Iron Pen contests, which challenge writers to come up with fantasy stories based on four prompts. This anthology features eight … Read more

Reintroducing Myths Inscribed

We’re proud to reintroduce Myths Inscribed, an ezine dedicated to the art of fantasy in all forms. The past three months we’ve worked hard to bring you a highly polished publication with engaging content. The first milestone is complete. While you enjoy the reimagined site found at ezine.mythicscribes.com, know that we continue to make further … Read more

Myths Inscribed 3 is Out

The third issue of our fantasy magazine, Myths Inscribed, is now available. This issue contains three terrific stories, as well as a piece on Babylonian mythology. FICTION: Painted Truths by Martin Spernau The Ravenous Flock by Adrian Diglio [part 2 of 2] [a Warp and Weft feature story] Paying the Troll by Karen Leigh Baxter … Read more

Myths Inscribed 2 is Out

The second issue of our fantasy magazine, Myths Inscribed, is now available. Once again, the quality of the writing is first-rate, and the stories are really fresh. This issue features the following original stories: Ogre by Tristan Gregory Abuse of Power by Brian W. Foster [part 2 of 2] The Diablarist by Anita Howitt The … Read more

Introducing Myths Inscribed – An Online Fantasy Magazine

I’m pleased to announce the launch of Myths Inscribed, an online fantasy magazine created by members of Mythic Scribes. The purpose of the magazine is to provide a venue for quality fantasy writing of all sorts—with a very broad interpretation of “fantasy.” Our first issue features original stories from Benjamin Clayborne, Alice Leiper, K.R. Foster, … Read more

Who Is the Founder of Mythic Scribes?

The mysterious founder of Mythic Scribes, Dr. Antonio del Drago, is a mystery no longer. He was recently interviewed by our good friends at The Roundtable Podcast.  For those who aren’t familiar with it, The Roundtable Podcast is one of the best podcasts for writers, and is a finalist for the 2012 Parsec Awards.  Every … Read more

Mythic Scribes – Our First Birthday!

In early February 2011, Mythic Scribes opened to the public.  We began with a single article on our homepage and an empty forum.  But we set forth a vision, and had faith that the right people would find us. One year later, Mythic Scribes has exceeded our expectations.  We set out to forge a community … Read more

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