The Mythic Archipelago – A Community Worldbuilding Project

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The sailors have had a long, hard voyage. Their shipmates have succumbed to sickness, sea monsters, and savages along the way. There are just enough of them left to keep sailing – and they do, for the cargo in their hold will make them all wealthy. As the sun burns the mists away from the sea-cliffs, they catch a glimpse of your isle.

Do they find civilizations to trade with? Do they find a deserted island with naught but trees and animals? Do they find a remote home of horrors, full of monsters that devour passers-by? Do they find pirates and conquerors, or artists and merchants?

Only you can decide.

Take Control of Your Island

This is the Mythic Archipelago, a community world-building project. It is an entertaining and expansible environment, where you have near-complete control (within a few guidelines) over the destiny of one or a group of islands. The community part comes in when our islands interact to expand the official history of the Archipelago, which we will do as a group through contests, challenges, and story-writing.

No Pressure

The Archipelago is a low-commitment project. We understand that leisure time comes and goes, as does the interest of participants. If you want to contribute, but are afraid you can’t stick around for long, that’s okay! There are plenty of things you can do to enrich the setting without making a long-term commitment.

Built-In Audience

Let’s face it – we all want people to read our stories, or see our artwork – to somehow share in our creations. As the Archipelago expands, there will be many people with an interest in what you add to it, and quality contributions will be highlighted through periodic showcase events.

A Big Future To Discover

The Archipelago is brand-new, with only a little of its history known and only a few of its islands “inhabited” by creators. The earlier you jump in and contribute, the more you can leave your mark.

It’s a big world out there.  Help us explore it.  Welcome to the Mythic Archipelago.

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Lorinda J Taylor
Lorinda J Taylor
8 years ago

Are you all familiar with the Ill Bethisad project?  It’s at least partially a conculture project of members of the Language Creation Society.

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