Racial Diversity in Speculative Fiction

This article is by Anne Leonard. A current – and recurring – topic of conversation in the SFF writer/ blogger/ reader community is the lack of people of color (POC) writing and publishing in the field.  (This is also an issue in the literary community in general; here’s a recent post on the subject that … Read more

Using Multiple Texts to Develop Your Story World

Recently at Mythic Scribes, we’ve enjoyed some exceptional articles on world building. I have incorporated tips from several already, with noticeable improvements in my organization and productivity in this challenging craft. This process has also led me deeper into my worlds. In fact, lately I have been almost overwhelmed by all I have yet to … Read more

Introducing Myths Inscribed – An Online Fantasy Magazine

I’m pleased to announce the launch of Myths Inscribed, an online fantasy magazine created by members of Mythic Scribes. The purpose of the magazine is to provide a venue for quality fantasy writing of all sorts—with a very broad interpretation of “fantasy.” Our first issue features original stories from Benjamin Clayborne, Alice Leiper, K.R. Foster, … Read more

Knowing What You Want

It’s hard to know how to get started as a writer. Should you write short stories or a novel?  Should you stick with one genre, or try several?  Should you get an agent and submit to traditional publishers, or try the self-publishing route? The answers to those questions depend entirely on what you want.  A … Read more

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