How to Write a Synopsis

Recently, I compared a query letter to a job interview.  However, that is only partially correct. If a query letter is you, showing up a little early, dressed in a clean, pressed suit, then your synopsis is what you choose to talk about during the actual interview. Once you’re past the first impressions (and we’ll … Read more

How to Write a Query Letter

Writing a query letter is akin to going to a job interview. It’s your first chance to make an impression, and often times, it’s also your last. It’s this philosophy, coupled with my experience as a recruiter, that leads me to want to put my best foot forward, knowing that I may never get another … Read more

Medieval Archery for Fantasy Writers

In our distant past, archery nearly became a lost art, a useless tool once weapons technology had moved on. If not for the resurgence of popularity in the early to mid-nineteenth century, it might have vanished in Europe and America entirely, being relegated to the more primitive cultures which rely on it as a means … Read more

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