From First Word to Last, Part 2: Endings

This is Part 2 in this series.  Part 1 addressed how to write beginnings. If beginnings are important, endings are doubly so. From the first line of a story each word, each scene is driving the reader toward an eventual specific point. Predetermined, concrete, the ending is in place before the reader even knows the … Read more

Finding Success as a Novelist — Interview with C.S. Lakin

C. S. Lakin has penned nineteen novels of various genres. She works professionally as a copyeditor and writing coach, and critiques more than two hundred manuscripts a year. She also guest blogs on the top writing blogs, such as Writers’ Digest and Grammarly, and teaches workshops around the country. Her award-winning blog Live Write Thrive … Read more

Writing Groups 101

Where there are writers, there will be writing groups. They may take any number of forms and serve various functions: feedback, support, learning, or commiseration. Anne Lamott, in her book Bird by Bird, compares a writing group to “one of those weird little families that we fashion out of whatever’s around us.” It’s so true. … Read more

Swordplay for Fantasy Writers

The clash of blades, sparks flying. The barbarian with his twenty-pound two-handed sword, swinging for your head. The epic showdown with acrobatics… now that’s fantasy. No, like, seriously a fantasy. And this article isn’t about any of those things. It’s about swordplay in a realistic situation, using familiar physics and historical inspiration. We write fantasy, … Read more

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