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  1. Unfortunately, the only things I have to contribute to my portfolio at the moment are two pieces of art and background information featuring my favorite fantasy brainchild, Araliin Talis.

    I've written many things on this character that will probably never see the light of day because they're merely drabbles, but maybe you'll find him of interest. I'm always up for roleplays with other characters and things of the like.

    Araliin is a gentle, perhaps too gentle, forest elf living in an unnamed woodland area village with members of his clan. He's nearly 70 years old, but ageless.Almost completely blind, he is only able to see colors, and is not even able to see the general shape of things. This makes him happy, however, and color, scent, taste, and sound are his favorite things. He is soft-spoken, intelligent, but often times a doormat and weak in both physical and magical strength. However, he is a talented spirit healer.

    The children of the village love him. He is a teacher of fauna and flora, and teaches the children how to identify things based only on seeing their color and feeling their texture. He is also a friend to animals.

    In the plot I plan on putting him in, his village is burned down by a rival clan for unknown reasons. The attack is unexpected, because tensions between the two had seemingly died down. All of the members of Araliin's clan die except him (presumably), and Araliin himself is taken in by a wayward hunter by the name of Haestus (name pending, really).

    Anyway, here's some pictures. I just need something to put in my portfolio.




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