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Drowning not waving ...

  1. Long before I found this wonderful community I found myself stumbling on my path to recovery - but it took a long time for me to identify the stumbling block. Even after I identified the stumbling block I still kept back sliding and losing my way - even though it didn't appear that way to others because I was achieving so much. I kept losing my way because while I identified what had caused me to stumble I didn't look further into everything it had brought up for me - I just swept it under the carpet and attempted to keep busy.

    So now I've lifted that carpet up (yes I love my cliches and metaphors) and I'm slowly dealing with the crap that I couldn't face last year I'm beginning to feel a little lighter ... and so my writing should benefit. I didn't stop writing in that time but I did complete less and couldn't find my passion for my projects. It's going to take a while until I'm anywhere near where I was with my recovery but it's good to have some answers.

    I'm being vague for the moment ... later I may expand upon this.


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