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Hello from the other side

  1. I found this lovely community when researching some info for a client (for the book that I was editing). I've finally handed in all of my suggested edits; it took longer than I would have liked, for a number of reasons. I've been editing other people's work for years; resumes, comic scripts, short stories, other bits and pieces, and countless uni essays, and each time I learn something new about myself and the process. If I'm lucky I also learn some new facts.

    I enjoy editing, but I can get caught up in it. So much so that imposter syndrome, cptsd, and other issues can kick in; which then makes the job more of a challenge. It doesn't mean that I'll stop; I plan to take on more clients in 2020. It just means that I'll be making some changes to my process.

    This was my biggest paid writing-related gig so far. Most times I have edited for love. But this year I finally made the switch to editing for pay; which of course made all of the above issues flare up even more.

    But now it's time to breath. Time to step back and throw myself into my own writing; a retelling of Hansel & Gretel for an anthology. And with fresh eyes too. At least until I found out if further revisions are necessary.
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