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Since finding this website today I've really thrown myself into things. I've joined communities in the past and then never got involved, or have been sporadic, at best, with my involvement. But it's the opposite here; at least thus far. I'm very active on social media but not in too many web-based communities. There's something about this one, however, that has me entranced; possibly only momentarily.

I took a leap and shared some of my published flash fiction work here. It's a risk because not everyone gets flash fiction, and at times it's dismissed by others. I like the challenge that flash fiction presents. Most of the pieces I've written were for all age anthologies; so the writing is somewhat tame, which again may not be everyone's cup of tea.

I believe some years ago a friend shared the Mythic Scribes facebook page with me. I can't ask her though, as she's no longer with us. The third anniversary of her death is almost on us - so perhaps she was guiding me here? Who knows?

So I'm going to dial it back for now - lest I be viewed as a pest, or spammer.
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