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Goals, plans, whatnot

  1. So far a lot of what I've had planned for 2020 has gone to hell in a handbasket, yet strangely I'm still achieving some of my goals. I've spent a lot of time trudging through my files, in an attempt to get organised. And I haven't even looked at the paper files ... well at least not for long. My files are a big mess for a lot of reasons and this is a herculean task - made all the more challenging by the sheer amount of creative work I've produced in the times since I had asecond breakdown and actually started regularly creating new works. It's a thankless task but hopefully it will pay off when I can find everything again.

    In February the goal was to catch up on reviews but that fell by the wayside. I'd hoped March would be when I worked on an editing project for a client but that's started today. And April was put aside for #campnanowrimo... however given the editing project I wasn't sure I'd be comitting to campnano; until tonight that is.

    I thought it was high time that I made progress on my comic, The Daughters of Artemis ... so crazy or not, I've comitted to that too. And of course I have other comitments this month on the creative front - but I guess it's better to be creating than to be wallowing. I've been battling flashbacks and panic attacks a lot lately so I'm hoping throwing myself into work will keep those noisy voices at bay.

    So I guess I'll try to catch up on iwed reviews in May ...


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