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Chapter One: Haul Wind

The last few days aboard the Mary Jane have been drawn out, and the passengers, mostly the minotaur and the satyrs, are starting to get restless from being stuck on a ship for so long. Although Ming the black footed ferret has been enjoying it quite well as he loves to pick on the two races. Damien Foxx the young teen boy who has been brought from Earth to take his place as the future king of Torman in the other hand tried to keep himself busy. He often helped keep watch up in the crow’s nest, or keep Captain Taylor and Nessie on track by discussing the map with them as he was pretty good at directions and reading a map. He also took turns with the helm. He was becoming a natural pirate, as Taylor would tell him from time to time.

Drawing real near Tormal Isle, a surprising turn of events happen on the fifth day out on the waters, as three gryphons shows up out of the blue, circling over head.

As Damien is up in the crow’s nest at this time, he spots the gryphons through the spyglass he’s using. “Evelyn! We got company!” Damien shouts.

With grace, the three gryphons circles downwards to the Mary Jane and lands amidship. Surrounding the gryphons the crew and passengers were greatfully happy to see new faces. Evelyn pushing through the crowd walks towards the gryphons with a large smile. Damien climbs his way down from the crow’s nest, and lands upon the deck near Evelyn.

“Well isn’t this a nice surprise, Seamore.” Evelyn approaches the gryphon and hugs him.

“It is nice to see you as well milady.” Seamore agrees. As Evelyn backs away the gryphon looks at Damien, “It is so nice to see you my lord. I hope your adventure is going well.”

“It is Seamore.” Damien smiles. ‘What brings you here?”

“Well my lord it seems word has started to spread across Granderhill about your arrival. We have gotten many visitors at the White Pearl lately.” Seamore states.

“Visitors?” Evelyn asks.

“Yes milady. Arakrocas, Capelobos, Giffs and Kithkins. Not to mention your tribe of taurans, and the minotaur chief Rhodes showing up.” Seamore comments.

“What of the Cyclopes? Did that dumb creature find his way to Rumla?” Damien asks.

“Yes Borg is there as well.” Seamore nods.

“It is a nice surprise that your arrival has reached many already. And even more of a surprise that some have come to Torman. What did they do? Are they still in the city?” Evelyn asks.

“The Giffs are there now. They have pledged loyalty after Rhodes the Minotaur convinced them. The Kithkins have agreed to serve as long as Damien goes and visits them soon, and the Capelobos have only come to see if they could speak with Damien. Unfortunately they left immediately after finding out that you were not there.” Seamore replies.

“What about the Aarakrocas?” Evelyn asks.

“Have you ever met one Evelyn?” Seamore asks.

“I have not Seamore.” Evelyn replies.

“Well they are like us gryphons. They enjoy the sky more than the ground. And barely leaves their home unless desperately needed. In any case, they have come to deliver a message sharing that they will be aligning with us, when battle comes to place. Otherwise they will stay away until called upon.” Seamore comments.

“That is good news.” Damien grins. “It seems there are still loyal sanctions out there., Evelyn.”

“Yes, I knew there was, it was just the knowing who they are.” Evelyn comments.

“Lady Evelyn, do we expect your return to the White Pearl any time soon?” asks Seamore.

“I wish I had an answer confirming when we will return, but as for now there is no set day.” Evelyn replies.

“And where are you all heading? Seamore asks.

“For Tormal Isle. We are on a mission for the leprechaun Charles of Calia Verta. With this mission I believe will help our cause, and grow our numbers.” Evelyn states.

“Plus save our buddy Gary.” Damien adds.

“Gary my lord?” Seamore asks.

“A talking sack of straw.” Ming giggles.

“A scarecrow is what he means, Master Seamore.” Evelyn adds.

“I just warn you to be cautious and keep each other safe. Tormal Isle is no place to get comfortable in.” Seamore states.

“Why what do you know of the island?” Evelyn asks.

“Well honestly the rumor is that there is a war between a few different sanctions there. War between the Gargoyles, the Skinwalkers, and the Vampire clans. You don’t want to end up in the center of those. It would cause such riots and if you side with one, the others will be envious and most likely want to take it out on you and Torman.” Seamore comments. “But we have been allies in the past with both the Gargoyles and the Skinwalkers, so maybe they will join our alliance once more.”

“Perhaps we will visit at the least the Skinwalker Tribe there, and the Gargoyles. But we will keep what you have suggested in mind and stay alert. We do not want any more obstacles than we have already put ourselves in.” Evelyn states.

“Then we will leave you with that in our minds, and hope for the best for you all. We will check back in as soon as get more news with in Torman.” Seamore nods his head to Damein, “We leave you now Sire. I wish you all the luck you can conjure.”

With the might of his wings, Seamore takes flight into the blue sky, as his fellow gryphons follow him. The three gryphons gave a show of skill as if Damien was watching jet pilots showing off, as they fly off back towards the city of Torman.

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