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Digital Lust

By LWFlouisa · Dec 20, 2017 ·
Digital lust.
  1. There is no way of life for me and you,
    Our solace for each other is far to few.
    I have an ache in my bones,
    I listen to your dial tones.

    There is no us between me and you,
    Our contact is far to few.
    I listen to your dial tones.
    One may choose to love the inter webs,

    Others may laugh and point,
    But I ignore and laugh as I smoke a joint,
    A relish in our strange love,
    Between me and you.

    Binary connect reject,
    Yet I can not give.
    Subservient to your every way,
    As a dog it sleeps with you,

    Waiting for your typing in the day.
    One dreams as they type,
    Computer will never say ...

    You are


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