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Mechanic Slave: Part First

By LWFlouisa · Dec 20, 2017 ·
An old Time Travel story. My current style is dissimilar.
  1. The winter landscape snowed heavily - a port city glowed during the night. Otis is sweeping the floor of the gas station, and saw the manager coming up behind him.

    "Otis, what did I tell you about," The boss looked at the clock. "waiting around twiddling your thumbs?"

    "Sorry sir, I'll make sure it doesn't happen again."

    "Make sure of that."

    "Yes sir."

    "Oh! look at the time. You can leave now."

    It was nine o'clock, and Otis exited the door. He moved a couple of years ago to the port town. He walked along the sidewalk, and rhe cars are passed him by. He dropped by the nearest convenience store.

    Otis picked out a beer from the freezer.

    Otis is in the kitchen, with the dinner he prepared for his girlfriend. It became slightly impatient because she was not yet home. He decided to call his girlfriend on his cell phone.

    "Hun, what the hell is taking you so long?" Otis said.

    "Are you lying?" Naomi Said.

    "Scratch it, how about I make dinner tonight?" Otis was watching television. It was the news channel. A liberal news network. "We could have wine too."

    "Sounds awesome."

    "Later baby."

    Otis hung up his cell phone, and placed it in his pants pocket. He walked to his computer He thought Something doesn't seem right about this girl, this is the second time she's late. His girlfriend would always came home with a box of Kahlua chocolate truffles.

    The second hour went by. He thought What the hell is taking so long?

    Otis had a picture of Brian in his head, and he winced, because he remembered when Brian hit on him. He sat at the table, eating his dinner, and he drank a sip of his wine.

    "Nah, I got to be kidding myself," Otis switched the channel to another network. "why can't I be more trusting?" Otis took a long deep look into the screen, as he sat on the couch. "She didn't seem like a slut. I can't put my mind around it."

    Otis hopped off the couch, and took out his cell phone, and then opened his cell phone to call his girlfriend.

    "What's taking so long?" Otis asked.

    "I'm on my way home, I just had to make a stop." Naomi said.

    "I'm starting to regret offering to cook dinner." Otis clenched his fist. "It's getting late, and I'm hungry."

    "Just make dinner for yourself tonight."

    Otis traveled along the icy road to see his girlfriend, and he narrowly avoided a collision with a car.

    He arrived to the apartment.

    He walked to the door, and knocked on it. Otis put his ear up to the door, and could hear the whistle of air conditioning on the inside. He opens the door knob, and noticed it was unlocked.

    The door creaked. And then he heard a murmurs, a man and a woman.

    "What was that?"

    "Oh don't worry about it Hun, just go nice and slow."

    Otis walked slowly to his girlfriends bedroom door, and then he bursted the door open. It was her giving the man a blow job. Otis spoke.

    "What the hell is this?"

    "Its not what you think Otis!"

    "Who is this?" The other man said.

    "I'm know one you'll ever see again."

    Otis locked the door of his apartment, when he got back home. He went to go lye down on the couch.

    Otis thought Why would she do this to me!? Did I ever hit her, or otherwise abuse her!? No, it wasn't like that at all.

    He drowned in all his sorrows with a glass of merlot, and then sat on the couch to watch the news.

    Tonight's topic was about an arsonist that died in a fire. The other story was about a WWIII couple that proposed after the war.

    Otis turned the LCD monitor off, and clapped the lights out. He went to his room to sleep. He could not sleep for a minute.

    He briefly thought about his life up to now.

    Otis had a dream.


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