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Part 2 - Discovery writing.

As I was writing chapter 1, with the interaction between the guard (I now can not kill) and the princess, it was so much fun to write and the words just came by themselves. As I am moving the story ahead I am aware I am missing the bridge between chapter 1 and 2 but I do not let that bother me as I am fully aware that I will have to adjust what text belongs to what chapter as I go on.

I just continue writing, and on a whim I decided to make the king and his sister (the main characters mother), twins. Why? I do not know... but that choice, made me, have to change the mothers birthday celebration I was writing about, now the king (her twin brother) had to be celebrated as well and in a much bigger way. I decided to make the mothers birthday celebrated in a private setting so that the reader gets to know the family of the main character a little. Then for the bigger celebration of the king, the reader would get the political aspect of the world they live in.
That also allowed me to bring the other king in, coming to the birthday celebration, tensions are high between them but customs and protocols forces them to be in the same room at this point, they are at a brink of war with this king but not at war yet. During the celebration this king gains vital information (combined with other information he already has), that he now can use in a way I had not anticipated and that will change how the main villain is going to take on that role…

Now, chapter 2 became chapter 3 and my new chapter 2 is the bridge I was looking for before... :writer:
and I finally have valid way to make the villain become the villain I wanted... :woot:

Ohhh… I am loving this!!! So much fun, just letting things happen as I write... :smuggrin:

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