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Part 3 - Getting back to writing after extended pause.

As work too over my life for a few months and then the home improvement projects took over for few more months, my writing had to wait.

In order to not begin planning and then being unable to write I had rules for myself, to keep my thoughts away from the story as much as possible and if I felt the need to think about it, I would allow myself only one character and one scene. And I have forced myself to do that and it has worked. Doing this, helped me to get to know that characters voice better and still leave the story alone as this one scene is about this characters feelings and thoughts in a situation where there is not much happening and it takes place around the middle of the story.

As the scene, I allowed myself to focus on, is much later in the story and is a result of the change I made with the guard I could not kill. I made a file called ‘Scene unknown chapter’ where I write the ideas and text that I have written down in a notebook and on my phone, as a way for me to avoid planning anything during this period where I can not write and then I can go back to writing the story where I had left off, when the time comes.

Now, coming back to the story and actual writing...

First step, instrumental music blasting in my headphones and read what I have already written… then… write…

ok it was not that easy… I had to read what I had written two times and then it took me a few minutes to get the flow of the text back in gear... but it did happen just not as much and not as long as I would have liked. So I intended to take a 30 min. beak and then read everything again to get into the characters and the story, again! But had to accept the fact that I was too tired to go on and it just was not happening this night…

Few days later and not tired, I read through the text I had written, on the chapter I wanted to continue and did a few editing to show more of the emotions I wanted in the chapter. Then I began writing and having made some of the emotions more clear earlier in the text put me back into the emotional state of the characters and allowed me to follow those feelings and move them forward as I continued writing the story. Sometimes while I wrote something I was more interested in telling the story not showing, so I wrote the feelings and ideas about what I wanted with that scene in brackets to come back to that later.

During the writing, I ran into another problem that I had not realized was keeping some of the flow away... the fact that I had not really made up my mind on the appearance of the main female character, definitely haltered my writing, especially the description of some of the situations. I have made up my mind on what direction I want regarding the look of the main character but some of the details were still up for debate. And those details, even if they are small, just make a big difference regarding some of the descriptions when it comes to some of the things that can take place.

So I had to do some research, google some information, and looking at photos of actresses and drawings/graphic art of female figures to get inspired and to make up my mind.

The pictures that I felt spoke to me, I added in a folder and now, when I write I arrange them on the 2nd screen as an inspiration while writing.
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