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Prologue: Part One

The great ball is just about to commence at the great castle garden, as sanction leaders and a few of their loyal warriors and advisors begin to arrive. It is an early evening, as the sun begins to lower for the day, and the wind calms down. And the day for young Evelyn Scarlet is about to come to a halt from her schooling by her teacher, the king's advisor and the great wizard Master Dorlius Greybeard. Now young Evelyn Scarlet is no older than fifteen and is the daughter to the Dame knight Joan "of Arc" Scarlet, who is the head kings guard, and the general of Torman's militia. Evelyn's hair is dark brown, which matched her eyes; she’s athletically built like a young gymnast, and keen with the knowledge of creatures of the land, and skilled with a bow and arrow.

In the grand library, Dorlius sits at the end of the large oak table reading a large book containing spells, as Evelyn's nose is stuck in her own book about the dark creatures of the Shadowlands.

Clearing his throat, Dorlius looks over his glasses, and looks at Evelyn, “My dear it seems our time is up for the day. You must hurry on your way and ready yourself for the ball tonight. You are in for a treat my dear. Many you shall meet tonight."

Evelyn smiles as she closes her book and stands to her feet, "Yes Master. It will be a delight to meet so many leaders and creatures of the land. I have been waiting for this day for a long time."

Evelyn shows herself out of the library and heads to her quarters, where she enters the lounge where her mother sits upon the couch waiting for her daughter. Evelyn grins widely as she nods to her mother and slowly walks into her room where she finds a gown laying upon her large queen size bed. The gown is a scarlet red, with silver trim. She dresses and walks out to the lounge where her mother is dressed in her gown of gold and white.

"Mother, you are so radiant. The men will be staring at you for sure." Evelyn giggles.

"Evelyn, joking is not appropriate at this time. It is a very important night. Do you know why this ball is being taken place?" Joan asks her daughter as she walks over, and begins to comb Evelyn's long brown hair.

"Master Dorlius says that it is the Great Autumn Gathering. He says it is the night where all the sanctions come to show their allegiance towards the treaty of old." Evelyn answers.

"Yes, that is correct my dear." Joan smiles, "The treat is the most important aspect of the land. It is what keeps order and peace with in Granderhill."

"How long has the treaty been in effect mother?" Evelyn asks.

"The treaty came into effect after the great Demon War. After the capture of the Demon King and his fellow evil horde, King Aldimus placed the treaty in effect, making sure all who resides in Granderhill kept the peace, following the rules of the treaty." Joan walks over and sits back down on the coach where Evelyn joins her with in moments.

"Mother, what does the treaty imply?" Evelyn asks.

"Has Master Dorlius not addressed the treaty to you? It is not like him, not to teach the importance of the kingdom to his pupil." Joan sighs. "The treat simply addresses that any individual who kills without purpose, start havoc upon the innocent, or cause war upon another sanction will be treated as a traitor to Granderhill and will be dealt with through the means of death."

A sudden knock sounds at the door, as it opens revealing a young knight, no older than a few years older than Evelyn enters. "Sorry Madame Scarlet, but the king awaits for his king guard. He says he will not appear to his guest without you by his side."

"Very well. Tell King Aldimus I am on my way, Joffery." Joan nods to the knight.

Joan stands to her feet, kisses Evelyn on the forehead and smiles at her. The dame knight turns away from her daughter and exits the quarters, leaving the young teen girl alone. With time to herself, Evelyn approaches her large mirror, twirls around and looks upon her reflection. She smiles, as she finds a beautiful young woman standing before her.

"Gorgeous you are my young lady." calls out a voice.

Evelyn turns her head to see a swallow upon the widow in her room. "Oh...hello there."

"Good evening, milady." the swallow nods.

"What pleasure do I have for your presence young swallow?" Evelyn asks.

"I just simply wanted to meet Master Dorlius' apprentice before the ball. I have heard great things about you from the Whispering Woods." the swallow replies.

"And what is said about me, if I may ask?" Evelyn walks over and lowers herself levels to the swallow.

"Only great things, milady." the swallow answers. "The Animals of the Woods, speak of only respect of you. Many have watched you for years. It is said your skills with a bow is highly impressive. More so that you are a very curious individual, who wants to know more of the land."

"Yes, I guess that is true. My curiosity gets to me a lot. It surprises me that my curiousness doesn't kill me." Evelyn chuckles.

"Nonsense milady, curiosity isn't a bad thing." the swallow comments. "But I think this meeting must end now. We do have a ball to attend after all."

"Yes perhaps you are right. My master and my mother both I am sure are waiting for me." Evelyn smiles. "It was nice meeting you my fellow swallow friend."

Evelyn exits the quarters and heads down to the great garden where she finds herself looking upon many creatures and individuals she has never seen before. It was Evelyn's very first time seeing those from the outside of the walls of Torman. Centaurs[1], satyrs[2], pixie fairies[3], grand fairies[4], giants, talking animals of all kind, elves, dwarves, other men from other lands, and many others she didn't know much about except of what she has read in books. As she looks around she finds King Aldimus, a man with black hair and beard wearing a gold crown with jewels upon his head, a scarlet and gold suit of armor and cape sitting upon a large stone throne in the garden. Next to him is his daughters, and Dorlius. Her mother Joan stood off to the side, with her sword strapped on her back.

To Evelyn, Aldimus seemed at ease as he sat upon the great throne, he smiled wide as he looked around at all who have come that evening. Clearing his throat the king speaks, “Evening my fellow brothers and sisters of Granderhill. I am very grateful to find you all have come to my domain to honor the treaty of old. This is a night to celebrate the peace between all who dwell with in our lands. This shows that each sanction member shows gratitude and alliance to each and everyone who live in Granderhill. But as you may have noticed, there are many who have not come. Sanctions of unknown loyalty. It seems that those who once served under the Demon King have decided not to attend and show fidelity towards the treaty. I have been given word from a resourceful individual that many have gathered in secret to devour the treaty of old and regain power over this land."

"And what is being done about this King Aldimus?" asks the chief tauran Toro the Bisotaur[5].

"I have met with my advisor and my council and we have come to an agreement that we will seek out each leader of the perfidious sanctions, and see if we can reason with them." Aldimus states.

"And if that does not work?" asks a pixie fairy of amber red hair.

"Then we will handle it with force. Fight if we must." Aldimus expressed.

Chatter spreads with in the large audience of the sanctions. As the loud chatter spread, a whooshing sound blares as a single portal open with in the center of the garden. Evelyn sees walking out of the portal were three individuals. A hagged woman wearing an old dusty rag hood cloak, a Vulcan[6] woman wearing a green hood cloak, and a rougarou [7]werewolf creature wearing a purple hood cloak. Crackling in a laugh, the hagged woman leads her small posse towards the grand throne where King Aldimus sits. The garden went silent as the three individuals approached.

"Fouls...all of you." the hagged women crackles, "The treaty of old is a hoax in which must be put to an end. The true king will return soon."

Joan steps forward, "Who dares come into our domain unannounced?"

"We are the Three." the rougarou growls.

"Loyal followers and advisors to the great Demon King, Narlyx." the Vulcan witch crows.

"You do not belong here." Joan huffs. "Leave now, or suffer the consequences."

"You do not frighten us, girl. We only fear one, and it is not you." the hagged woman states.

"Why have you come? Speak quickly." Aldimus commands.

"Your treaty will end soon King of old. Freedom must be made upon Granderhill, and only one is capable to make such events happen. Soon with in a few days, the Demon King will rise out of the Demon's Crypt and return upon this land. He will save this world from imprisonment. He will gather those loyal to him, and lead them through the kingdoms, taking each one back one by one." the hagged woman states.

"Narlyx is the one true king. He will prosper over this land. He will make peace for our people." the rougarou states.

"And those who stand in his way will be his slaves or perish." the Vulcan adds.

"Silence! We have heard enough of your wickedness!" Joan pulls out her sword and steps towards the three. "Leave now, before I cut off your heads with Galad."

"Esti-lumineous!" the hagged woman shouts as she reaches her palm out and a ball of fire blasts from her hand and strikes Joan, sending her flying back and tumble upon the dirt ground.

A large portal opens up behind the Three, in which gulps them, as it vanishes with in an eye's blink. Evelyn rushes over to her mother and kneels beside her as Joan sits up.

"Mother are you alright." Evelyn asks with worry.

"I am fine my dear daughter. Nothing I can't handle." Joan stands to her feet quickly.

Chatter begins to rouse again amongst the crowd. King Aldimus had a stern expression upon his face, heavy in thought.

"The White Council must speak of this immediately my king. This can not wait." Dorlius advises into Aldimus' right ear.

"Yes, perhaps you are right Master Dorlius. This can not be delayed. Gather the White Council. Bring them into my throne room. There we will discuss this intrusion." Aldimus states as he stands to his feet and exits with Joan and a few knights out of the garden and into the White Pearl.

[1] These are noble humanoids, with the upper body of a human, attached to the body, tail and legs of a horse. They are highly intelligent with astronomy and divination, being able to read the stars and of future events. They are also proficient warriors and healers.
[2] depicted as bipedal creatures with the horns, legs, and tail of a goat and the head, torso, and arms of a human; they are often depicted with pointed ears. The satyrs are fast, and seem to have better hearing than humans. They can chat forever, and most hate doing work, and love to mess around and play all day.
[3] Also known as Never Fairies folk are mythological creatures responsible to watch over nature or perform talent-associated duties such as crafting helpful inventions (such as the tinker-talents) or putting dewdrops on spider webs (such as the water-talents).By last, they ensure the changing of the seasons and continuously help nature in many ways.
[4] Humanoid fairies known as Grand Fairies, they are the first fairies in which were born from Witches and Wizards.
[5] Are Natives related to the centaur. They have the bodies and the horns of an American Bison. The worship the Buffalo Calf Woman.
[6] These humanoid women creature have vulture heads, and wings attached to their arms. They are very intelligent and well skilled in dark magic.
[7] Are werewolves who have the body of a man / woman with the head of a wolf, and furs of oily black, dark brown, or grey. They have no tails and their fur is thin and does not cover the whole human body.

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