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  1. Chapter Seven- Worthy and Willing

    Chapter Seven- Worthy and Willing

    15 September Kallus went up to Calda’s door and knocked. When she opened, she knew instantly the reason he was there. With a sullen face she said, “I can go get him for you.” Kallus waited on her well-kept porch. A few minutes later, Calda appeared again with Ashlyn and Damien both gathering...
  2. Chapter Six- A Favor

    Chapter Six- A Favor

    Kallus hauled a heavy anvil to his basement. He was careful not to let it crush his toes as he placed it down on the stone floor. The anvil sat a few feet away from a burning forge fire with a low flame. A set of work tools hung beside it along the wall, ready to be used. Setting up an at-home...
  3. Chapter Four- The Tribunal

    Chapter Four- The Tribunal

    13 September In the morning, Damien woke to the smell of freshly cooked food. The enticing scent of fatty meats and hot biscuits made his stomach groan. He was not expecting such rich food here in elven land, but he could get used to it. After dressing, he came out of his room to find Ashlyn...
  4. Chapter Three- Into the Calm

    Chapter Three- Into the Calm

    12 September "Your mentor didn't seem happy to let you go," Damien said as he trotted along beside Ashlyn. He never had the privilege of riding his own horse before, and he was still getting used to staying in the saddle. The day was ideal for travel. The air was cool without being chilly...
  5. Chapter Two- What makes a Friend?

    Chapter Two- What makes a Friend?

    "Absolutely not," Annael said upon hearing Ashlyn's preposterous idea. "We are not going to take him back with us to the Academy." She and Ashlyn now stood on an ornate stone balcony with the city streets of Tauros several layers below them. The day was still young, a beautiful, crisp morning...
  6. Chapter One- The Boy

    Chapter One- The Boy

    Part I The Ruins of Githal – Year 1464 27 August Dust and brick. All around, destruction stretched as far as the eye could see. Three weeks ago, Githal was a glorious citadel that took up a third of the western region, now it was laid to ruin. Buildings lay torn upon the ground, the dark...
  7. Prologue


    The Heart of Gumber - Year 1451 2 April A baby's cry rang about the glistening trees. The sky was lit with dawn that broke through the canopy of leaves. In the heart of Gumber was a meadow that danced with blossoming flowers. The music of frogs, bugs, and birds came together as a chorus...
  8. Tales from Lorianthil

    Tales from Lorianthil

    Tales from Lorianthil chronicles the lives and adventures of four youths belonging to various races and cultures. There's Damien, the orphan who gets adopted by Lor elves, Ashlyn, the mage who possesses empathic and prophetic powers, Naelen, the witty, sassy swordsman, and his sister, Lila, who...