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  1. M Corbett

    Character vs plot

    I’ve been finding that I get to a point in my novel (currently writing my first) where I know what plot I’m trying to set up but my character is not making it easy. It seems like they wouldn’t do the thing I imagined would set up the next plot point. What have you done at these moments? Change...
  2. CloudIX

    How does a protagonist beat an antagonist that knows the future?

    If the antagonist knows everything that the protagonist will think and do before the protagonist even knows himself, how can he be defeated?
  3. CloudIX

    Are there any books that have done this?

    I'm wondering if there are any plots where the protagonist and antagonist are the same person. Obviously, this would probably have to do with something like cloning, time travel, or something similar. Are there other plot devices that would help this make sense? Any recommended readings would be...
  4. Mari More

    Forced Romance?

    Hi guys! I just want to ask for your opinions. I won't write long introductions since this post will be long. I see a lot of these types these days from the stories that I follow so here's my concern. I don't think I can call it as forced romance or just plain terrible writing. This scenarios...
  5. Fantasy Writing

    Writing fantasy: Choosing a plot, Lesson 1

    One of the most difficult things a person can do when creating a new novel is creating a plot. But there are ways around this. In the last portfolio entry I talked about keeping a short notebook on hand and writing in it, this is where it really comes in handy. I carry mine round with me...
  6. D

    Help with magic system?

    I do write Fantasy but it's filled with more paranormal elements and low magic systems like potions and magical objects. My idea for my latest WIP requires the main character to be able to see the future and I’ve realized this has caused massive plot holes in my plot. Example: Eve can see the...
  7. D

    Plot twist or major disappointment?

    Some plot twists are amazing but some can be disappointing so, thinking through the new idea I've had for my current wip I realised I could be either doing a good twist or a really disappointing one and wanted some opinions and suggestions to make it good, not bad. In my story an evil wizard...
  8. Naomi Rey

    Memoire of a Whistleblower

    I need likeminded brains with whom I can bounce around ideas and questions. I'm almost finished with my first draft (70k words in) and I'm getting ideas of what needs to be worked on during the revision stage. It's the Iron Age... the concept "proof" is not what it is during the twenty-first...
  9. Dina

    First Draft Troubles

    I have quite a few, but I've narrowed them down to these three: 1. Size of the text. I have an uncanny knack for turning a simple plot point into a full-blown, sixty page novella, which, let me tell you, is far from convenient when trying to avoid tangent in a first draft. 2. Brush up blues...
  10. S

    How to create a character with little plot?

    So I've been really struggling with my story for a while as this is my first (YA Fantasy). I asked for some help and someone suggested I take a break (which I did) and another suggested I get to know my character more. I only have a very vague outline of my plot, nothing really concrete . So...
  11. D

    Your opinions on “The Prophecy” in Fantasy?

    I was thinking of doing one but I know they are so cliche – even I get annoyed with them. Especially when someone is getting hailed as a saviour but they haven't even done anything yet. I've seen so many people say “the Prophecy” cliche will make them stop reading instantly because it's used so...
  12. S

    Having trouble with my plot?

    Hey, so I think I've figured out why I'm having trouble. I used to write fan-fiction before I think it was even called that. I used to take characters from one story and put them into another that all ready existed. I'd take fables and change them – like make Snow White a horror story. So I...
  13. Black Dragon

    Moving from Concept to Plot

    Let's say that you have come up with a great concept for a novel. It's exciting, mysterious, and somewhat original. How do you take this concept and turn it into a coherent plot? What steps do you personally take? It would be great to learn more about everyone's writing process, so please share.
  14. Giovanni

    self-conscious about novel idea

    This is going to come off as rambling more than anything else. But its been on my mind and I feel like I have to share it, for my own sake. For the past couple days I have been working on a light (or young adult) type of fantasy novel because I enjoy reading them. It was hard to get used to the...
  15. Writer’s_Magic

    I have two loglines, but no plot. Please, help me!

    I don’t know if you know this problem. But at the moment I have just the logline of two projects, which I’m planning. And I don’t know how to find the plot. Of course, I mind-mapped like a mad girl. However, the result is still the same. No plot. So, maybe you should know my ideas. Here they...