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  1. SinghSong

    Is my fantasy race/species too easily exploitable?

    So, in this particular world-building exercise, when coming up with the five species/Races in this world, I basically equated humans to rats (rattus rattus, i.e, Black Rats), and drew analogies between other species to come up with most of the distinguishing traits which differentiate them from...
  2. J

    Getting opinions

    Hey guys I was wondering if I could get some opinions on the foundations of my world I put it up on youtube for convenience sake. I just got done with the major races and I plan on making videos on locations to fill the world with interesting places if anyone is interested in telling me what you...
  3. S.T. Ockenner

    What fantastical creatures are in your world (s)?

    What array of creatures are in your world? Are there any unique ones, or mostly traditional? What kinds of beasts? What kinds of beings? What kinds of spirits? Are there any special quirks/differences you give your creatures? Are wizards their own species, or just anyone who can use wizardry, or...
  4. V

    What are all the races of elves?

    Hi, I have no clue if this is the correct place to put this, but, I'm making a fantasy game with humans, elves and maybe orcs. Problem is, I don't know the races of elves. All I know are high elves, wood elves, snow elves, dark elves and void elves. What are all the races of elves?
  5. SirenSon117

    Slime Race

    I talked with a friend today and got an idea. In anime circles there is such a thing as a "Slimegirl" which is, as the name suggests, a humanoid slime. My friend and I got to talking about how to expand on the idea of humanoid slimes how they work, what role they play in the setting, and whether...
  6. D

    Help building my Fantasy race, please?

    I've created other races before but nothing like this so I'm really struggling and wanted to ask for some help. It's an early concept but I'm not sure if the race I have in mind will work. My novel is set on earth in the future where it has been over-taken by a race of beings that came through...
  7. Akira444

    Fantasia: The Inhabitants of Terra

    Today's entry will be about the two major races that inhabit Terra: humans and faeries, as well as the two gods who created their world. Please note that some of this info is subject to change, and if you're wondering what Terra is, be sure to check out the first part of this Fantasia lore dump...
  8. Orkhe Concept 2

    Orkhe Concept 2

    The Orkhes are also influenced by modern tribals, and fringe cultures. While all races have tattoos, piercings, and wild styles of dress Orkhes tend to be the most extreme in their self expression. There is the deep need to make a strong first impression, and leave a permanent mark on the world...
  9. Orkhe Concept

    Orkhe Concept

    Rough ideas for the Orkhes of my world. Wanted to make them more Boar-like, but still relatable as individuals. I also wanted to include some elements that harken back to the Orkhe culture's master of Pottery with the designs.
  10. Dagoran Male Concept

    Dagoran Male Concept