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  1. Fyri

    [Game] Co-writing

    Let's tell a story, all together! Rules? Hmmm. You get three words. Do whatever you like with them to add to the story. Finish a sentence, continue a sentence, start and end a sentence, end and start a sentence. I'm sure you've done things like this before. Try to stick to traditional...
  2. Ankari

    The Utility of Violence

    I'm about to post an article on my blog about the utility of violence in a story. What is the point of it in a story? What is considered "good" or functional violence and what is considered "bad" or gratuitous violence? My opinion is that violence serves the same purpose as dialog: ideas are...
  3. Electro Queen

    Questions for Fantasy Story

    Hello everyone. My name is the Electro Queen, or EQ as my subjects refer to me as, and this is my first time posting a question on this website. My question (well, questions actually, I’ve got more than one) is primarily centred around morality and partly around royalty. It’s mainly for a mini...
  4. Malise

    Should I Show or Tell

    Hiya there. I'm currently in the process of writing a story about a team of city bureaucrats trying to systematically lower the crime rates in an ethnically diverse inner-city urban fantasy setting after one of the bureaucrats turned the area into a special economic zone with the intention of...
  5. The Crittenden Chronicles

    The Crittenden Chronicles

    This portfolio is to help me branch out and share my stories and poems with a more like-minded audience. It will consist of poetry and flash fiction; some unpublished, some published on my website. If you have any questions or want to talk about one of my pieces, message me! I'd love to chat. :)
  6. Maker of Things Not Kings

    The Story You're Listening To. . .

    Just listened to LeVar Burton reading Tobias S. Buckell's "Shoggoths in Traffic". What a wonderful short story. I'd highly recommend it. :) (LeVar Burton Reads - Episode 50) Sooooo, what's the last good story you've heard?