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  1. P

    Hello! New here

    Hello everyone. I'm Phori Stone. I write fantasy. Right now I am not published but I hope to have my current WIP published by the end of this or beginning of next year. My personal spiritual beliefs are Pagan, so my characters are always a bit witchy or furry. šŸ˜œ I hope to get to know...
  2. Glykeria

    How to make the Villain remember of his past?

    Hello! I'm terribly stuck in my story and would appreciate your help! :dead: My story is divided in two parts. The first part is the previous lifetime of the characters. The second part is where the story (I'd like to say "the book" :LOL:) actually begins - in the current lifetime of the...
  3. S.T. Ockenner

    Odd Powers For Wizards

    Does anyone here have wizards with strange powers? Example: I have a wizard who can light his tongue on fire, and anything he pees on comes to life.
  4. S.T. Ockenner

    Magic System Idea

    Thaumturgic energy is a force in the universe that causes strange things to happen, and it can defy the laws of physics. Sorcerers are natural conductors of this force (nicknamed magic). Sorcerers can either channel raw magic to have a random effect, or they can create spells. Spells are...
  5. Orc Knight

    Wizards just buff or buff Wizards?

    In the continuing talks of magic systems, I am going for, well another magic. Your world's magic users and the stereotypes generally associated with them. Are they the sort who despite being able to nuke half a continent with a fireball, a featherweight who a kindergartner can throw around with...
  6. Tabitha Meadows

    What's My Style

    First of all, hello to all and I am excited to be here. I enjoy reading and writing anything about vampires, demons, witches, and any kind of mythical creature. I love to read manga and webtoons, want to travel to experience the world to gain inspiration. I'm sure I sound weird or strange when...