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2 Podcasts seeking subs & 1 Lovecraftian antho seeking subs


Glittership a queer SFF podcast is seeking submissions of original work to be read for their podcast. Pay is $0.03 per word, up to 6,000 words. They want stories that focus on queer characters, and they have a pretty open definition of queer (so genderqueer/trans*/etc would fall under that umbrella as well as gay/lesbian/bi). They actually allow multiple submissions (this is uncommon) up to three (3) pieces.

Podcastle is a fantasy podcast open for submissions. They do NOT allow multiple submissions, but do allow for simultaneous subs (submitting the same story to more than one place). They pay $0.06 per word, up to 6,000 words. (Pro market rates). They do a flat rate of $20 for any flash fiction pieces (under 2,000 words is considered flash fiction by them).

Tales from the Miskatonic Library: this is a Lovecraftian anthology. The pay is $0.03 per word. The deadline is August 8, 2015. No word count limit, but given that it's an anthology, probably should stick under the 10k mark. You can email one of the editors any questions you may have, as his email is on the site along with a list of things to consider when writing a piece for them (it's not story suggestions as such, but more guidelines for the kind of stories they want).