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Seeking participants for study on the creative process

Discussion in 'Notice Board' started by YaleResearch, Mar 13, 2018.

  1. YaleResearch

    YaleResearch New Member

    Hi all! I have approval from Black Dragon to post this, and was instructed to do so in the Notice Board area.

    My name is Sarah and I'm an undergrad at Yale currently working on a research project examining the creative process with Dr. Jonathan Feinstein, a professor at the Yale School of Management. I'm hoping that this forum will help me recruit some participants for a current study!

    Participants will be asked to submit samples of their work and answer a short prompt about their process. This is intended to be a reflective exercise to help you think about your own work, not something you should have to stress about. The writing samples should be taken from a current project. Perhaps a chapter or two, a short story, or a few poems. Further questions on appropriate samples would be better answered on a case-by-case basis, but we are pretty flexible in terms of what we accept. These samples will only shared with members of the research team, and participants will reserve all rights to their submitted samples. The duration of this study will be between 3 and 6 months. However, we will only need things from you at a few intervals during this period. The extended time is intended to allow you to edit and create new work so that we can examine your development and creative process. A $20 Amazon gift card will be given as compensation for your time.

    If any of you are potentially interested in participating, feel free to send me a message.
    Looking forward to meeting new people and getting those creative juices flowing. Cheers!
  2. Black Dragon

    Black Dragon Staff Administrator

    In case there is any doubt, this project is legitimate. Sarah sent me the approval letter from Yale's Institutional Review Board, as well as the accompanying documentation. Everything is in order.
  3. Svrtnsse

    Svrtnsse Staff Article Team

    With this bit, would you want the new pieces to be related to the same work as the first one, like a second/third draft, or a later chapter, or would you want pieces that are independent of each other?
  4. YaleResearch

    YaleResearch New Member

    Hi Svrtnsse,
    Any of those scenarios are possible depending on your work! If you have any specific questions related to your situation, feel free to contact me.
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  5. adamcbassett

    adamcbassett Journeyman

    I wouldn't mind helping out. What exactly do you need and how do I submit it?

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