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blog 3 Ways to Add a Personal Touch to Your Writing


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Chessie2 submitted a new blog post:

3 Ways to Add a Personal Touch to Your Writing
by Rose Andrews


One thing we worry about as writers is being original. Often, the concern comes along with the overwhelming realization that most, if not all ideas have already been done. Ours are hardly the first stories with peasant dragonslayers and worlds with elves. Whatever we want to write about has been touched, tainted, done better or worse than we could have managed.

The good news is that readers like the same types of stories, just told in new and interesting ways. In their search for what’s familiar, they long for that which is unique enough to provide them with a different perspective. The dance of storytelling then becomes a beautiful combination of well-loved tropes told by an individual (the writer) who is unique in the world and can only tell the story in their own certain way.

Placing your unique perspective into your writing happens naturally, since what we create comes from a deeper part of us. It also happens consciously by what (and who) you choose to place in your work, by the messages you choose to convey and themes you explore. In this article, we will cover three ways that you can add a more unique touch to your work.

Ask Questions

This directly ties with plot and story theme. The main question is probably what your book is about, a question you want answered or a possibility to investigate. Plot is a tool used in order to provide answers (what happens...
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Thanks for this. Should have read it earlier.

I think 'what if' is one of the big tools that all writers must have, but I find I am more often asking 'What Next?" or "What is possible?" Sometimes I am asking after everything else they might do is shot down, 'what is left?'

I don't often reach for humor in my stories, and wish I had more humor in my stories, but it just does not seem to be what I wish to focus on.

For the personal touch, I think that must just bleed out in my writers voices, the things that interest me, and the way the story is presented. I am not sure any could just write what I would write. Least I hope not...

However, if it was not that readers do often like the same types of stories, there might be no point to it at all.