3 Ways To Market Your Book For Free

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    3 Ways To Market Your Book For Free
    by Rose Andrews


    This is part one in our Free Marketing series.

    Authors are ordinary people with ordinary lives. Most of us have jobs, families, and responsibilities out in the world that, well, cost money (bills, bills, bills). In my life as an Indie, I have come across few authors who have plenty of money to spend on promotion and visibility for their books. It’s why I’d like to share some ways that I have marketed my books for free and gained some traction from the effort. All of these will take time so be aware that it’s necessary to carve out space in your schedule to explore them. Any author can do these regardless of how their work is published. The focus here is community and audience building. None of these will make you into an overnight celebrity.


    Pinterest is a visual medium. Pretty pictures of food, scenery, makeup, were what originally drew me to it. But what’s often missed about Pinterest is that the majority of users are there to purchase products. It has billions of pins and users from around the world, and it is estimated that over 50% of people on Pinterest use it to help them make purchases. Those purchases could be your books!

    My Pinterest page gets around 13k views monthly, although I’ve had to pin a lot in order to increase my numbers. When I first started playing around with Pinterest it...
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