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A flash in a pan, a little sleight of hand,

Bring the crowds what they demand.

Sorry, had to run the rhyme before I get to the main point. Said point: So, magicians in the R.W. use sleight of hand and misdirection to entertain and enthrall people, but, given a lot of Fantasy worlds have magic within them, are your world's particular magic users the type to put on a bit of a show or indistinct mutterings that sound vaguely latin? Or is that all just fluff that the non magic magicians use? And do the real ones look down on the non-magic ones?

As usual, I'll throw in Eld's. As it mostly deals with humans, even with magic, still have to learn a fair bit. Doesn't come as naturally as the other races. But a big part of it is also style and showmanship, with the human magic guilds often taking on certain styles and flair. The biggest and most well known being The Hats (or The Guild of Lao's), known for both their style, ability to entertain and sleight of hand. And also their really nice hats. A more Voudon and Houdon style guild, they pride themselves on their power and showmanship and it ultimately makes them one of the best known around. Others have certain styles, from the Griffon styled armor and robes and bald heads of Zukal, to the rather pointy shoulder robed and armored mages in the Celestial lands. And all to make themselves stick out.


Myth Weaver
For whatever reason, this little tidbit came to mind (from real world research)

The best wizards in the ancient world were the Persian 'Magi' from whom we derive the word 'magician.' A sort of magical clan. Below them in terms of perceived power were the Jewish rabbi's and Egyptian sorcerers. The rabbi's were widely believed to have gleaned arcane secrets from both the Persians and the Egyptians. Wizards of all three groups were obsessed with the secret names of various spirits, gods, and demons, and believed that possession of said name granted the spell caster a degree of power over said entity. The Greek magicians, whose knowledge came in part from the Egyptians were next in the hierarchy. Several of the Greek philosophers had potent magical reputations. Likewise, witches were common in the Greek and Roman country sides. Celtic bards possessed expertise at divination and other forms of magic. But, at the bottom of the magical heap, half fraud and half real. and generally poorly controlled even when real, were the 'goetics' or 'goes.'

Goetic type mages are fairly common in my world. They dabble in illusions, both sleight of hand and otherwise.