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You may think they are a bitch, or you may think they gossip, but what goes right in the choice of an actor? Do you have a defining moment, for television history?


Wednesday, Jenna Ortega, for standing up to the writers and staying true to her character. Removing the goofy cringe from at least one Netflix series at least (in modern times). We can only prey she continues. The 8 episodes she gave us are an island of sanity in a sea of madness.

She's ironically an angel of light in the darkness of Hollywood. Bah, but such an archetype is hard to uphold and so I'll forgive her in advance if she succumbs to the idiocracy. Such is human nature and I know it all too well.

I don't envy her fame, for the 14 and a half minutes I had it were among the worst of my life. It's a plague on tge psyche, a trap and a disease.


Myth Weaver
I don't really get this question. I try hard not to actually know anything about entertainers outside of their work. Usually when I know stuff, it hurts my enjoyment of it. I have admired many who had a reputation for doing their own stunts, such as Jackie Chan, and Tom Cruise. If this is about standing up for some principle, like I admire them for refusing to do nude scenes or such, I am sure there are some.

Occasionally, I do learn trivia about actors that make me think more highly of them. But its not often. Keanu Reeves is one. But you know...I dont know them. All I see is them through the filters others have placed.

If the question is about picking the right actor for a role and having it all go right, there have been too many to list. Andy Griffith comes to mind. Maybe the best example of this for me is Kevin Conroy and Mark Hammil for becoming Batman and the Joker. I would not have seen that coming from Mark, but he took it over and owned that role.
There are plenty of actors who are superficially ‘annoying’ outside of their acting roles, but does that matter when they’re on the screen and they can act well? Unless it turns out their criminals or what have you, it wouldn’t deter me from watching a film or series. We don’t know who they really are outside of acting so we can’t really judge.

Singers/music artists on the other hand…


Stuff like Bran recovering and becoming king as Arya queen. Or Harry Potter dying after all, thus breaking the spell. It seems that some aspects of film history, live in the imagination. Like, where does Sauron come from, a fat hobbit belly? Was Dumbledore even, homosexual? I know it is a hard question, and I don’t really have any answers. I wonder what actors go through, and what their character represents.

BJ Swabb

This gave me the idea. The car screeching really breaks the fourth wall.
Man I haven't seen Anne of Green Gables in years. But she does a great job. I guess for me as I am an actor myself is how one can show emotion and really capture the audience to believe what you do and say really is happening. In acting it is all about how you see the character and how you can best bring the character to life on stage or on camera. So if you are asking which actor does this the best, I would have to say for me as for a male actor it would be Johnny Depp, for a female actor it would be either Chloe Grace Mortez or Hayden Panettiere at least for TV / Movies anyways. AS far as stage acting I would have to say Idina Menzel, Hugh Jackman, and Lea Michelle.


it would be Johnny Depp
Whoops, I missed this! Thanks for the input. Myself, I am interested in how things go from screen to stage, and how much lobbying is involved!
In other news,, I am thinking, of starting a pirates blog.
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