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Ancient and Medieval weapons and warfare [Lindybeige]

Discussion in 'Writing Resources' started by Abbas-Al-Morim, Sep 17, 2013.

  1. Lindybeige

    This youtube channel is dedicated to ancient and medieval weaponry and warfare. It offers a wealth of knowledge and insight into our bloody past. It debunks the common Hollywood Myths and instead investigates (usually through logic reasoning) how battles were really fought and how certain weapons were used. He even has a couple of videos dedicated to Fantasy Weapons (and why they are unrealistic) and Dual Wielding (why it's not viable) and he even created a new Fantasy weapon himself that would be effective.

    It's very likely that it has been posted already. I did a quick search and I saw nothing so here you go. I subscribed and I watched a lot of his videos. He also has videos about archaeological sites, myths and architecture. Definitely worth watching.
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  2. Guy

    Guy Inkling

    I didn't watch any (yet that isn't stopping me from commenting!) but regarding dual wielding, there are historical examples. There was a type of gladiator that used twin daggers, one inventory of dueling weapons I saw listed a brace of falchions, and there was the dagger/rapier combination. I've always though if one were to use a hand axe/tomahawk, dual wielding would work. Of course, if one is going to have something on his off hand, a shield usually makes the most sense.

    I know fantasy artists are usually trying to portray weapons that look cool or exotic, but sometimes they really leave me shaking my head and wondering how anybody could think anyone could use such a thing.
  3. He mentions the rapier and main gauche in his videos. It's not that some forms of dual wielding aren't viable in one-on-one combat (main gauche and rapier in renaissance duels and the gladiator in arena combat) but it's not viable on the battle field or in a group fight. That's what he explains in one of his videos.
  4. Guy

    Guy Inkling

    Would've helped if I'd watched them, wouldn't it? :)
  5. ALB2012

    ALB2012 Maester

    Thanks for sharing this, will add to my set of useful links.

    One of my MMC is a dual-wielder but he is an adept, so he gets a cheating cop out:) I would imagine it is extremely difficult to do, without cutting parts of one's own anatomy off.
  6. Phrase

    Phrase Acolyte

    Thank you for sharing.

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