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Anything wrong with a MC defeating a villain from a different background?


People are more likely to recognize and react to tropes that are part of their cultural history. While the yellow peril trope primarily features an Asian character it's still a trope that was written for western audiences at its time.


Why don't you just write your story, then
I will, but it's going to be extremely challenging.
Sorry, but are you asking why people get upset when Chinese villain's get destroyed by white or Japanese heroes, but not the reverse?

Um....I would think the answer to that would be obvious. Just the culture we live in.
And this is exactly why I'm hesitant in writing this. If the majority think this way then it'll literally be impossible to accept :(
You are sweating the small stuff and you have not produced the big stuff yet. This question is not worthy. Write what you believe and don't look back
All I can do is try my best. We should all realize that villains should come in all different ethnic backgrounds, I wish this wasn't an issue :(

The Chinese villain isn't even the main villain and he won't be some FuManchu knockoff either. If anything, he's more like WenWu from Shang-Chi.


Okay, but when I submit it, you'll be honest and let me know whst needs to be improved? :(

thats a different issue. What needs to be improved may have nothing to do with someones ethnicity.

fastest path to feedback is to write a short story or two and see what ppl think.


Aye, and because they're from the 80's they get a pass where trying to do the same now with a new property might be seen as outdated.

Still, that's aside from the point I was trying to make. We recognize things as yellow peril more easily because that trope is part of our cultural history where the opposite generally isn't.
This made me think more about something and after researching, there was a bunch of white/Western villains that fit the common trope as the evil Megacorp antagonists, which has been going on since the 80s. Blade Runner, Robocop, The Fly, Inspector Gadget and TRON are some examples. Even James Bond could be considered having the big bad Megacorp bad guys with Western antagonists, which has been happening since the 60s, except for Odjob maybe, but overall they were mostly Western evil henchmen and evil corps.
And Western Megacorp villains are still being used to this day and no one is pointing out to it being outdated?
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You can do it. Maybe if someone put up a short contest, we might get some playing and giving it a go.