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Is there anything that shares this name?


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The planet name of the world I've been building is Kirra, but as much as I like the name, it feels too good to be not taken already? Does anyone know of anything that already has this name?


Myth Weaver
Just a google search for the word will show it is a place name in several locations, and girls name in some cultures. Does not mean you cant use it. What are the chances that a far away culture on a different world might not put those same two syllables together. Seems like it could happen to me.


Article Team
A general rule, if the question of if something has been done/used before comes up. The answer is always yes. But unless there are trademarks and other legal things in the way, there's no reason you can't use it in your work.

Without even googling, I can tell you in Star Trek DS9, there's a main character named Kira Nerys.


I like the name, it feels right for a world.
As pmmg says, the name can be found in several places. But I think the only question that matters is, has anyone else ever written of a world called Kirra?