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Bitter Brew Book Cover

Hi Guys,

Latest book just went off to the eds yesterday - yeah!!! Here's a copy of the cover. Let me know what you think.

Cheers, Greg.

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While the imagery is good, but not great (100% subjectively speaking. Objectively it's a sound looking image), what really makes me keep looking at the cover is a very well chosen font in conjunction with the image. Nearly spot on, very nice :) I'd flip it over to read the blurb on the back :)

And as skip.knox said, you hit the genre look aswell.
Interesting placement of the letter A, especially with it being the only letter on the line and having the shape it does. I'd probably find another place for it if this were my cover.

I like the image and the font.

As a personal preference (so take it only as that), I like to see some relationship between the cover image and the title, which I don't see here much, unless the expression on the person's face is to be considered bitter, which doesn't come across that way to me.

Overall, the cover would catch my interest enough to get me to read the book blurb. Can't ask for much more than that from a cover.
Also, I am not familiar with the terms on the Pre-Made Sci Fi Book Covers site, but make sure they allow you to alter the color contrast of the image. Some pre-made book cover sites state that you can't alter the image itself, only add text to it. The terms can be lengthy on these sites, and it's easy to overlook certain specifics on first read.


Hi, Greg. Victoria is great! She did a cover for one of my historical novels so I'm a fan. :) But...the font is off. I would suggest making it much bigger and perhaps move the author name to the top. What category of fantasy will this book be in? Just asking so I can have a better sense of what the cover might require. Also, about the font, can it be changed to Cinzel or something similar to that style of font that screams fantasy?
Hi Chessie,

The book is epic / high fantasy and I can get the font changed if I have to. The books only doing its first edit at present. What would you suggest?

Cheers, Greg.
Hi Guys,

Just an update. Books out in Ebook format as of 36 hours ago. I changed the font and did a few other tweaks. Now I'm working on the paperback version. Here's the full cover. Let me know your thoughts.

Cheers, Greg.



Beautiful cover, great colors. My only critique is to make the color of your name on the front cover, just the front cover, darker. As it's golden orange it blends with the cover art behind it. They eye kinda glances over your name.

Sorry. Don't know what's happened. It used to work. But the book was pubbed last year.

Cheers, Greg.