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Series titles on book covers

Discussion in 'Cover Design' started by Alex Reiden, Jan 22, 2020.

  1. Danskin

    Danskin Scribe

    Apologies if I went off topic by commenting on the cover styles :) My shorter answer is yes – put the series info on the front.

    I entirely agree about how annoying it could be in a bookstore or online if this information wasn't obvious! Especially back in the day when you couldn't go online and check an author's website.
  2. Alex Reiden

    Alex Reiden Minstrel

    No worries. It just looked like it was starting to take over the thread.

    I remember I preferred Borders to some other books stores because they had the kiosks where you could look up book info for their in-store and online catalog. Nowadays, I don't even get to the artists' websites. I'm still wading through all the "you should check out this book I think you'll like," Goodreads recommendations, Amazon review ratings, or even "you want to beta read my next WIP about [a really great premise]." ;)
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  3. Rapturez2002

    Rapturez2002 Acolyte

    Having an interesting cover helps. It usually will catch my eye and prompt me to look into it more. Also like to know right away if its part of a series. Helps to make sure I start at the beginning and if its part of a long series. (3 or above books)

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