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Discussion in 'Marketing' started by JP Harker, Feb 20, 2017.

  1. JP Harker

    JP Harker Scribe

    Hi All,

    Another newbie promotional question - has anyone here had any success with the packages on this site? As usual I'm looking around for ways to promote my book and as usual, I'm making it up as I go. I'm willing to spend some money but obviously I don't want to chuck it away if others here have horror stories of this company.

    All advice appreciated as usual!

    Full Price Book Promotions - Books Butterfly Full Price Book Promotions
  2. Russ

    Russ Istar

    Thanks for posting that.

    I have not dealt with them, nor heard of them. i took a few minutes and looked at their website. A few minutes was all I could take because it was so damned ugly.

    Anyways at that price point, I would suggest you throw a $100 or so at the problem and see what happens.

    You might want to ask them what info they give you. When my wife and I do various internet advertising we always deal with companies that can report to us impressions, click through and purchase rates and numbers. I suspect these people can do that for you as well.

    My one concern was their list of the genres they feel they are strong at:

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  3. Michael K. Eidson

    Michael K. Eidson Archmage

    My first question is how many books do you have for sale? If only one, you might be better off publishing more books before you sink money into promotions. What I've read on many sites is that authors who don't have multiple books available to be purchased after the reader finishes the one that hooked them are losing value for their promotional dollars.

    As to the original question, I have no experience with such outfits. So no help there.
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  4. JP Harker

    JP Harker Scribe

    Cheers both

    I only have the one book at the moment so may do some shopping around

    Thanks for the advice

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