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Books in a series with varying plots...

Discussion in 'Writing Discussions' started by mulierrex, Oct 14, 2016.

  1. mulierrex

    mulierrex Scribe

    For my series I plan on only having one book focusing on a particular plot/character. The sequel would be a different plot, and so would the next book, and so forth; what I'm asking is if that would still constitute as a series. They are all set in the same world after all, and will have references to previous events.
  2. I know of lots of "series" like this. Typically, the individual books are referred to as "companions" rather than books in a series. But, yeah, you would still call them a series.

    An example: Lois Lowry wrote other books set in the same world as the Giver, but not directly connected to one another. They're still considered a series. (Actually, I think the new book, Son, ties them all together. But I don't know because I haven't read it yet.)

    Lots of very extensive series have lots of different main characters and story arcs within them.
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  3. Ireth

    Ireth Myth Weaver

    I think it's doable. Terry Pratchett did this in his Discworld series (though his series grew so much he had multiple mini-series focusing on certain characters/groups as well), and so did Brian Jacques with his Redwall series.
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  4. Chessie

    Chessie Guest

    Yes, they would still be considered a series. I believe a trilogy is when it's the same story spanned out across three books. A series is more than 3 books or 3 books with different stories (at least it's my understanding).
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  5. Heliotrope

    Heliotrope Staff Article Team

    Of course. Tons of authors have done this, not just in fantasy.

    As a little girl I loved "The Baby Sitter's Club". It was a series of probably hundreds of books following the Babysitters Club on their different adventures. Each books was from the POV of a different character in the club, and they all have totally seperate plot lines.
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  6. Chessie

    Chessie Guest

    Dude, BSC was off the hook! It was my favorite along with Sweet Valley Twins. :D
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  7. Heliotrope

    Heliotrope Staff Article Team

    I know. So good! I had at least twenty of them.
  8. spectre

    spectre Sage

    I'm reading a series like this now effectively titled "The Kinshield Saga", so yeah.
  9. artsyChica

    artsyChica Dreamer

    The book series that got me hooked on fantasy was Marion Zimmer Bradley's Darkover books; these books span generations - some are sequels and some are not. They were also one of the factors that planted the seeds in me to eventually inspired me to write. I hadn't planned to, but in my Nanowrimo novels, I've done the same thing, developing a world and writing all of my stories within it, but not all of them taking place in the same timeline.

    This year's Nano is actually a prequel to the last few novels I've done. It's fun to be able to jump from region to region and to different timelines, so if this is what you want to do, go for it!
  10. johnsonjoshuak

    johnsonjoshuak Troubadour

    I'm actually considering doing this as well, with three different main characters who have interweaving story lines but are technically separate.

    It introduces interesting logistic challenges and making sure the timelines are correct across the board, but I like a challenge.
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  11. Addison

    Addison Auror

    A series with varying plots in each book is still a series. Off the top of my head there's "Harry Dresden", "Discworld" and "Chrestomanci". The books follow a set of characters, in the same world, but the plots vary and there's no set order to read them. Heck it's what I'm doing with my story. So go for it! Happy Writing. :)
  12. Queshire

    Queshire Auror

    Oh yes, Discworld is a perfect example, however I'm not sure that I would include Harry Dresden in that list.
  13. Thomas Laszlo

    Thomas Laszlo Sage

    The Sundering is a fantasy series set in a D&D world, the first book being authored by R.A. Salvatore followed by many others, possibly being continued Idk at the moment. The first is centered around his character Drizzit the dark elf, and the third novel- which I own -centers around Erin M. Evans. It is considered a series, I believe it all ends up being about a significant event called "The Sundering" but I have not read any of them yet.

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