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Books that Contributed Most to the Genre?

Discussion in 'Novels & Stories' started by Devor, May 14, 2012.

  1. gavintonks

    gavintonks Maester

    Patti Abbott, Norwood, Charles Portis
    Sergio Angelini, Death is a Lonely Business, Ray Bradbury
    Yvette Banek, Might as Well Be Dead, Rex Stout.
    Joe Barone, Murder in Mykonos, Jeffrey Siger
    Brian Busby, Emmeline, Arthur Stringer
    Bill Crider, The Midnight Lady and the Mourning Man, David Anthony (William Dale Smith)
    Scott Cupp, Stealing Souls, Ian Doyle
    Martin Edwards, Hue and Cry, Bruce Hamilton
    Curt Evans, Vultures in the Sky, Todd Downing
    Elisabeth Grace Foley, Her Prairie Knight, M.M. Bower
    Ed Gorman, Blood Marks, Bill Crider
    Jerry House, Sophomore Slums, Christopher Golden
    Randy Johnson, Angry Moon, Terrill Lankford
    Nick Jones, Other Paths to Glor, Anthony Price
    George Kelley, Lightening, Ed McBain
    Margot Kinberg, A Cotwold Killing, Rebecca Tope
    Rob Kitchin and Rob Kitchin, The Pistol Poets, Victor Gischler, The Last Detective, Peter Lovesey
    B.V. Lawson, The Habit of Fear, Dorothy Salisbury Davis
    EvanLewis, Race William, Carrol John Daly, "Murder by Mail"
    Steve Lewis, Political Suicide, Robert Barnard
    Todd Mason, Cold Chills, Robert Bloch, Starlight, Alfred Bester, Ship of Shadows, Fritz Leiber Sweet Freedom: FFB: Robert Bloch: COLD CHILLS; Alfred Bester: STARLIGHT; Fritz Leiber: SHIP OF SHADOWS

    Terrie Moran, The Unexpected Mrs. Polifax, Dorothy Gilman
    J.F. Norris, The House of Numbers, Jack Finney
    David Rachels, Down There, David Goodis
    James Reasoner, Rick O'Shay, Hipshot and Me, Stan Lynde

    Karyn Reeves: The Murder of Roger Ackroyd by Agatha Christie A Penguin a week: Penguin no. 684: The Murder of Roger Ackroyd by Agatha Christie

    Gerard Saylor, Magic City, James W. Hall
    Ron Scheer, The Sage Brush Parson, A. B. Ward
    Bill Selnes, Prairie Hardball, Alison Gordon
    Michael Slind, Wobble to Death, Peter Lovesey
    Kerrie Smith, The Assize of the Dying, Ellis Peters
    Kevin Tipple, Playing God, Allen P. Bristow
    Prashant Trikkanad, The Haunted Hour: An Anthology, Margaret Widdemer
    TomCat, The Case of the Constant God, Rufus King
    Zybahn, Ellery Queen: Master Detective, Ellery Queen

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