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Can anyone recommend...

Discussion in 'Novels & Stories' started by GeekDavid, Oct 9, 2013.

  1. GeekDavid

    GeekDavid Auror

    I'd debating two books that look interesting, and I'm wondering if anyone here has read them and can give a non-spoiler recommendation for either or both.

    The first is Across the Face of the World by Russell Kirkpatrick. Amazon currently has it at 3 stars average review, and a couple of the reviews are giving me pause.

    The second is Gardens of the Moon by Steven Erikson. I'm just kinda hesitant about starting a 10-book series if I'm not sure it's worth the time.

    I'm looking for both good and bad about these books so I can decide. :)
  2. JadedSidhe

    JadedSidhe Minstrel

    I haven't read the first book, but I did read the Erikson series. I found Gardens of the Moon a slow read at first, until I figured out how the world worked, then I was hooked. I've read the entire series. It can definitely recommend this book.
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  3. Philip Overby

    Philip Overby Staff Article Team

    I'll second Gardens of the Moon was a tough read at first, but once I stuck with it, it turned out to be one of my favorite books in several years. The second book Deadhouse Gates was harder for me to get through, but the current one I'm reading Memories of Ice I like a lot so far. I liked Deadhouse Gates as well, but it just took me a lot longer to get through. It's a pretty long book in any case, and I've had trouble getting through long books recently. I blame it on Kindle giving me free samples. :)
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  4. NellaFantasia

    NellaFantasia Scribe

    Not sure if you're still looking for recommendations, but I can third the opinion on Gardens of the Moon. Erikson is the sort of author who doesn't explain anything yet writes a complicated world, so you have to focus the entirety of your brain cells. That said, the writing is beautiful, the world compelling, and the characters fun and well written.
  5. Steerpike

    Steerpike Felis amatus Moderator

    Gardens of the Moon‚Äč is great. Erikson is one of my favorites :)
  6. GeekDavid

    GeekDavid Auror

    Okay, okay, I'm convinced. After I finish catching up with my Feist, I'll give Gardens of the Moon a try.
  7. Kn'Trac

    Kn'Trac Minstrel

    Definately Gardens of the Moon. I've read most of his work and he's an excellent read imo.

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