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Describe your favorite world that YOU created.

Matt Damon. Pretty cool concept over all. Execution will make it different ir not. Overpopulation was a big difference between yours and Elysium.

Space travel, terraforming other planets, etc. always seemed to me like a way to create an exit plan when mankind ruins Earth completely. It's like, meh, what's one planet? We can just leave and have another one waiting for us to ruin as well. And of course those with money and influence get to move to the front of the line.
A generation spacecraft made up of a number of o'neil habitat cylinders (Rama-like if you prefer) - in which the inhabitant's have forgotten that they're on a spaceccraft and treat it as the world having regressed to a ston eage tribal subsistance level (due to an accident in the remote past).
Story centers around one of the characters gradual awakening to the real nature of the world and the the peril that they are all in.

Oh yes - there are also intelligent rats.

Besides the rats, the setting sounds a lot like pandorum. That's pretty neat.