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Dream movie

Apparently I just had a dream wherein I told my wife that I watched a movie about a dude played by Harrison Ford that was the Fugitive but with alternate dimensions. My brain said, yeah that's totally a real thing. My internet says it's not. Tell me it's a thing. And if not, I gots me a new story
I read lots of non-existent books in my dreams. Often their plots and story elements remain so stubbornly that i have to use them in a story.


Queen of Titania
Hello Brian Allen!

It's not that unusual to sometimes get confused between elements of waking life and dreamworld events. It has happened to me too, many times actually. Sometimes, I am not sure whether something (a conversation with my sister, a meeting with my friend Angélica in a coffee place, a travel or simply a visit to the Mall) happened in this side or in the other.

The feeling is quite pleasant if you ask me, something like having two different lives at the same time!

If you recall enough about that dream movie and you enjoyed it, then by all means step forward and start writing it as a new story of yours. The fact that you even googled the movie tells me that it was very intense for you, to the point that you were actually convinced that it was real in this world.

Sometimes, our dreams can provide us with excellent ideas and inspiration for stories.