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Favourite MMORPGs :)

Discussion in 'Games' started by Parqstu, Apr 26, 2011.

  1. Dark Age of Camelot LMAO!!! I still love that mmo after all these years LMAO! And now it's just great all you have to pay is the 15 a month to play.. The base game and 6 expansions are free to DL.. If you have discs.. toss them they don't work anymore x.x! you HAVE to DL it from Mythic.com but it's worth it.. the entire DL and install and patch takes less then an hour on a fast connection.

    I like the new races and classes.. but I only play a few of the older ones myself LOL I have a Berserker, a Savage, a Bone Dancer, and a Valkyrie e.e Valks are my fav cause you can use magic and melee LOL.. I only play on Midgard too.. Albion and Hibernia suck x.x especially Hibernia with their tree hugging selves x.x!!!
  2. Artless

    Artless Minstrel

    I'm not sure if anyone has mentioned this, but The Eternal City, over at Skotos.net is a fantastic text based RPG with a whole bunch of Roman influences.
    It's incredibly awesome!
  3. balthore

    balthore Scribe

    Played EQ for about 8 years, then got tired of the elitism end of the game and quit. Played various other lesser named ones. Now every so often log on LOtR online and beat on things with my dwarf.
  4. Runescape was my absolute favorite MMORPG! I wasted 10 hours + on that game every day for all of grade 9, 10, and 11! I love it to death until I stopped playing it for exams and when I went back it had just got too complicated and boring. It kinda lost its appeal.

    I have to say though; they have stepped up the graphics on what it was like in 04 when I joined. I'm so glad I never joined while they were still on Runescape Classic :/
  5. Helbrecht

    Helbrecht Minstrel

    My computer gaming has always been impeded by an absence of adequate hardware on my part, and I've never been dedicated enough to level characters really extensively, so I've never been able to hugely get into MMOs. A big part of the draw for me when playing MMOs was the roleplaying opportunities they presented.

    City of Heroes and World of Warcraft were/are probably my big faves. Definitely giving The Old Republic a crack when it's out.
  6. JustSpiffy

    JustSpiffy Minstrel

    My first MMO was Diablo 2, I LOVED that game... However, as much as it now pains me to say it, the game I enjoyed the most and got the most out of was World of Warcraft, a game I'm not sick of. At the moment I'm playing Dungeons and Dragons online, it's enjoyable, but you really need someone to play with. :)
  7. kefkah

    kefkah Acolyte

    SWG (PreCu and now the EMU), Lord of the Rings Online and hopefully soon enough - The Secret World (Shadowrun meets Cthulhu in a way). Beta for TSW starts in 4 more days. Can't wait.
  8. Ark1117

    Ark1117 Dreamer

    For a while I was addicted to Conquer Online, until it became blatantly apparent that the gameplay was shallow and the developer's aims were purely financial gain. Which is, I guess, the goal of a lot developers, but at least they make their games fun. I had the pleasure of game testing Star Wars: The Old Republic. Even in my brief time of playing it I think it outclasses a lot of these other MMO's coming out, or already out. I expecd to spend many hours playing that, which may be bad for my writing.
  9. subdee

    subdee Dreamer

    I won't hide that I am surprised to see that in a fantasy forum, Age of Conan has only got one mention, and that negative.

    I find Age of Conan a great MMO, probably the most beautiful looking at the moment, with great story and loyal to Howard's world.

    I would suggest you all give it a try, it is free to play with limitations on areas and raids.

    I play on Crom EU under Aessedai, if you wish to find me ingame.
  10. JBryden88

    JBryden88 Troubadour

    subdee. I said my favorite is my least favorite. Both positive and negative. :p The game is awesome, the problem is that any hope of storytelling on that game, roleplaying I should say, was dashed when they stopped enforcing the rulesets (oh wait, they never did) and then removing the RP servers and allowing griefmonkeys to crap on it.

    Yet it is Robert E. Howard's world. I cannot make myself quit.
  11. RobW

    RobW Acolyte

    Final Fantasy XI is my favorite MMO, at least it was before the last add on. I'm currently playing World of Warcraft but I'm having a hard time getting into it. I liked FFXI because you genuinely needed other players to really get somewhere in that game and i really liked the in depth party tactics. WoW kinda gets to me because there doesn't seem to be anything that deep about the party play and also running dungeons gets real old pretty quick. I don't like how easy it is to level up. Sort of takes the glory out of reaching those levels. The cartoon-like graphics are pretty stale too. I am also not a fan of the typical race choices (elf, dwarf, troll, orc, goblin). I do like how colorful the world is though.

    I am currently waiting for Final Fantasy XIV version 2.0, mainly because i cant afford a PC good enough to run it and I'm having to hold out for the PS3 version.
  12. Steerpike

    Steerpike Felis amatus Moderator

    I like RIFT. I also thought Vanguard was great, but the world is vast and there are not nearly enough people playing it to make it seem alive.

    I like Age of Conan, and I do agree that in many ways it is faithful to Howard's vision of the world (which is a plus). I do think that the magic classes detract from that faithfulness, though. You don't have tons of mages running around in Howard's world, or people roaming the streets with teams of undead trailing behind (necros). That part of it bugged me a bit - I feel like the MMO is much more high-magic than the original world.
  13. KellyB

    KellyB Minstrel

    I've been playing MMORPG's for about 15 years now. My first was the old Neverwinter Nights on AOL. When they got rid of that, I looked around and found The Realm Online (although I hadn't really played it for several years, I finally cancelled my account last year [I decided that even though it was a sentimental favorite, I just couldn't see the wisdom in paying a yearly fee any more when I only ever logged in maybe twice a year].

    Now, I would say my favorite is definitely Lord of the Rings Online (my husband and I both have lifetime accounts and have been playing since almost the beginning). I also have characters on Dungeons & Dragons Online, Star Trek Online, Pirates of the Burning Sea, Guild Wars, and Ragnarok Online.

  14. Codey Amprim

    Codey Amprim Staff Article Team

    Ah... NWN.... How I've missed it. I have NWN2 sitting on my desk right now - cant wait to install it again.
  15. Reaver

    Reaver Kwisatz Haderach Moderator

    Wait wait wait! Hold on a minute! Can anyone tell me if I'm the only person left in the world who's currently playing
  16. ryan.morrison73

    ryan.morrison73 Dreamer

    Lately I've been trying to find new MMORPGs to play but I've always been a fan of Guild Wars. I'm waiting until I get back to the US so I can buy GW2 and start playing that, it looks like a blast
  17. Steerpike

    Steerpike Felis amatus Moderator

    When does that release, anyway?
  18. Telcontar

    Telcontar Staff Moderator

    Guild Wars II is out soon, I think. My brother talks about it now and again - it's so cute, he and his wife play it together. Very touching.

    Speaking of sequels, Planetside II is finally showing real life. Looks great.
  19. Renos

    Renos Minstrel

    World of Warcraft and Aion are my top 2. Can't wait for Guild Wars 2
  20. Xanados

    Xanados Maester

    I hope not. That game was legendary.

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